How was your weekend?

The weekend is behind us, so let’s take a look at what we did this weekend.


On Sunday we went on a trip to Joffre Lakes. We left Vancouver at around 8 in the morning in our own bus, which was great as we could listen to our own music. On our way, we stopped at Shannon Falls, which is the third highest waterfall in British Columbia. Thus, you can imagine, that it was quite impressive. On our way to Joffre Lakes, our guide, Corey, pointed out some interesting facts along the way. For example, did you know, that the McDonald’s in Squamish is the busiest McDonald’s in British Columbia?


It was a sunny day, so we had the perfect hiking conditions when we arrived at Joffre Lakes. The Lower Joffre Lake, was close to the parking lot, so we were able to get there within 5 minutes. It was nice and peaceful. After a few minutes we headed towards the Middle Joffre Lake, which was 3 km away. I think, I can speak for most of us, that this was the hardest part of the hike. Not only was the hike 3 km long, but it was difficult due to the extreme incline. So by the time we reached the Middle Joffre Lake, we were a bit exhausted. At this lake, we had our lunch break and enjoyed the amazing view of the blue water of the lake.


Afterwards, we headed to the Upper Joffre Lake, which thankfully wasn’t too far away. On the way there we saw an amazing waterfall from up close. At the Upper Joffre Lake, we were happy to see that it wasn’t frozen. Again, we had a spectacular view and we seized the opportunity to take more amazing pictures. The hike back down was a lot easier.


On our drive back from Joffre Lakes, we stopped at Whistler for a dinner break. It was cool that we were able to see Whistler Village on this trip as well. After our delicious dinner we headed back to Vancouver. But we had to make one quick stop on the side of the highway for the scenic view. By 8:15 pm we were back in Vancouver.


Overall it was a great trip, even though it was a little exhausting at times. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks to everyone who joined!

Have a good day and see you on Wednesday at Pub NiGHT!


INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

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