How was your weekend?

The weekend is already behind us and we are back in Vancouver from our awesome trip to Whistler. Let’s have a look at what happened this weekend. 

We started our trip Saturday morning at 8:30 am. The Bus drive to Whistler was amazing, as we did a few stops at different locations. Our first stop was at the Porteau Cove Provincial Park, where we had to introduce ourselves to the other candidates. After that we had lunch at Alice Lake. Some of us used the opportunity and went swimming there. Luckily we had good weather during the whole trip. 🙂23094e8f-2915-40d7-baa8-058006e68484

Once we arrived in Whistler, we had time to explore the village. There are so many tiny shops, pubs and good restaurants, so it was difficult to choose where to go first. After dinner at the hostel we decided to go to a pub with the whole crew. We played a few funny games there, for example a XXL Version of Uno. Finally we went to one of the big nightclubs of Whistler where we had a great party.

Checkout from the the hostel was early in the morning for the ones who signed up for an activity. There are a lot of different opportunities how you can spend your day in Whistler, for example zip lining, riding the peak to peak gondola or mountain biking. A big group of us decided to do zip lining and I can tell you – it’s definitely worth the money. With a maximal height of 200 meters above the ground you can reach about 100 km/h. It was amazing! I can also recommend the Peak to Peak Gondola. Guiness Records says it is the “highest cable car above ground” and “longest unsupported span between two cable car towers“. When you are on top of the mountains you have the opportunity to go hiking right next to the ski runs, which is pretty cool during the summer months.









So, time flew by really fast this weekend and I hope you enjoyed this trip as much as I did. Thanks to everyone who joined us!

See you Wednesday on Pub Night at the Two Parrots. 

– Karina

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