How was your Weekend?

Even long weekends come to an end eventually. 
So I hope you made the best out of your days off. Except for Saturday, even the weather was absolutely on our side. Which is the reason why we went hiking .. yes, on Saturday! But to be fair, I actually didn’t mind the weather very much. We were able to get some nice advantages out of it.
We met up in downtown to go all the way to the Lynn Canyon Park. After about one hour drive we finally reached our destination and started off with the most popular part of the park – the Suspension Bridge. As I mentioned – the weather was probably not the best weather to hike, however, this had a huge advantage, there weren’t loads of people around. Still – we did not manage to take pictures all alone on the Suspension Bride .. maybe next time ;-)! We actually had a beautiful walk through the forest, which seemed to be very mysterious, even magical because of the fog settling in. In fact, a beautiful view we wouldn’t have gotten on a sunny day. Inspired by the mystical environment we found ourself discussing any kind of possible movie plot, we could shoot in here. To be honest, I’d definitely love to see the movie we spoke about :-D. stones.jpg
A few hours later, all of our grumpily stomaches agreed on grabbing some food asap. 
We made our way to the sea bus station in North Vancouver, where a big food market provided the perfect choices for everyone. Our happy and exhausted group of people made their way back to Vancouver afterwards. And this time we took the Sea-bus, which was a first for some of us, including myself. 
After all, Thanks again guys I had a fantastic day! 
On Sunday I made my way to Kitsilano to visit a friend of mine. We made our way through many different cafes and pubs as the night got later. We even went to the beach to enjoy the last minutes of sun, since you never know when you’ll get to see her again. This sounds way more dramatic than I meant it to ;-D. Anyways, Sunday was also a nice shot to explore some of Vancouvers night life, since Monday was going to be a day off. And I actually had a great time out there. 
Monday was Remembrance Day, so I went out to see one of the ceremonies happening around Vancouver. It was a great experience and made me  think of how lucky we actually are. It’s always good to take a minute or two to think about the bigger things than just yourself and your very own little problems. I ended the day walking through the beautiful Stanley Park and a treat of sushi afterwards.
What a beautiful weekend. 
And even though the week just started, it’s already PuB-Night tomorrow. Isn’t that nice?! So I’ll see you all tomorrow at the Portside Pub, for further information don’t be shy to check out our Facebook Page :-). 
Please make sure to let us know if you want to join us for the hockey game (Canucks vs. Oilers) on 1st December. Tickets are only available till tomorrow. So click on “going” or send me a private message, to make sure you won’t miss out on this one! 
Can’t wait to see y’all! 
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

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