PuB-Night Review

What a fun night – again. I know I’ve been saying this pretty much every Wednesday now, but I am honestly having such a good time with you guys. Thank you! 

Last night we went to the Beaver again, the place where it all started – at least for me. And I honesty cannot believe it’s been almost two months since then!
One of the best things about the Beaver is also the fact that our 18 year old candidates are allowed to join as well. It’s always so nice to have everyone together!IMG_4828.jpg

So as always, we started the night with a few beers and some fireballs. And yes – of course I went for the nachos again!
And what would a Wednesday night at the Beaver be without music bingo? Considering the fact that we were such a big group, I was absolutely sure the victory will be INTERNeX’. Usually the luck always sticks with the newbies, and since we’ve got three this week, my hopes were pretty high to be honest.
But for some reason the luck was not on our side this time. Nobody got a single bingo .. what a disappointment. But of course our mood didn’t get harmed by this.
So after a few hours we got our stuff together and made our way to the Cambie. Always keeping in mind, that this was the more important match to win … after what happened a few weeks back (still bothering me btw).
But as we got there, no Beerpong atmosphere was to be found! Apparently nobody in there wanted to play a Beerpong tournament at this time, at least that’s what we’ve got told. Obviously this was not a reason for us to give up or even go home.
So after a few friendly chats with the bartenders, we got some cups and balls and since we were enough people to make 4 teams, we just started our own little tournament.
And as soon as we started, so many other people joined in and it just happen to turn out just as big as the usual Beerpong nights at the Cambie.
Anyways, not trying to show off here but the girl power, once again, proofed it’s strength and won the INTERNeX Beerpong tournament. I am so proud ladies, even tho we didn’t get to win the T-Shirts! 
I really hope that someones ego recovered by now :-D.
(I am really sorry for the quality of this picture…. my camera just isn’t really the best :-D)

Anyways I had a fantastic time and a short night!
Thanks again for such a fun PuB-Night, you guys are fantastic! 

So for those of you joining the hockey game – I am very excited to see you on Sunday.
And the rest I hope to see you at next weeks PuB-Night at the 131 Water Kitchen & Bar. 

Have a lovely Thursday! 



International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

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