What to do on the Weekend?


Oh sweet Friday – so glad you are honouring us with your presence.
And let me tell you guys, we have a wonderful weekend ahead of us. 
It almost seems too good to be true, but no rain predicted for the entire weekend, so go out and catch as much sun as possible.
There will truly be something for each and everyone of us to be found to keep us busy. 
hockey game.jpgStarting off with one of my personal highlights coming up on this very weekend. Sunday we are gonna watch the hockey game Canucks vs. Oilers! So to the lucky fellows, that managed to seal the deal on tickets with us – we’ll meet for pre-drinks and from there we’ll go to the Rogers Arena and surely see a fantastic game! I honestly cannot wait. Hope you are sharing my excitement, otherwise I’ll be overloading you with it on the day itself.  
But obviously the weekend not only includes the Sunday, but more days to go crazy. 
For the very sweet ones of us, I am very happy to announce a very spectacular event starting today. Candytown is opening it’s doors again! The heritage district of  Yaletown will be turned into a winter wonderland. Lights and Candy as far as you can see. This delicious event starts on Saturday, November 30 from 12pm to 7pm.
Another thing North America is very much known for are the fascinating Santa Claus Parades. Two of them will take place in Vancouver this very weekend.
Sunday, December 1, you will be able catch a look at the Santas right here in Downtown, starting at 12pm. At 5pm the second parade starts at the Cloverdale Town Centre in Surrey.  
If you are looking for a bit more romance, you might want to go to Stanley park, since Bright Nights just started a week ago.
During the entire holiday season, the Bright Nights Christmas Train and the Stanley Park Train Plaza will sparkle with three million twinkling light.
Doesn’t that just sound too cheesy (in a very good way) to be true?!
Christmas and romantic cheesiness just belong together, so consider it by making plans! 😉 
So far so good, 
I hope you are having a fantastic weekend! 
— Nadja x

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