How was your Weekend?

Time to start the week again with another Monday. How was everyones weekend?

Looking back at the week I had, it was my very first week in the INTERNeX office and it was busy but I enjoyed it. Nadja has been showing me the ropes and hopefully I can plan some fun activities this winter :). Friday I went on a lovely hike with my homestay friend Nathalie and we went to the Lynn Canyon Park and got some instagram worthy shots. For the afternoon I would take it easy as I had a big week in the office so I ordered Chinese food and watched The Greatest Showman.


Sunday, as most of you guys would know, we went Ice Skating at Robson Square and I would highly recommend to do it if you missed out as its only $5 to hire skates and that’s all you have to pay. For some it was muscle memory, for others it was easy and for me it was neither. Watching everyone do tricks had me thinking of doing some…. all I did was think of doing tricks and I fell over HAHA… after a few snow ball fights we then warmed up with some hot chocolate we moved to the Christmas Markets. The best thing about traveling with a group is all about sharing moments and maybe food too 🙂 haha. We all enjoyed the live music, the tiny pancake lady and the incredible food that the market had to offer. I bought a season pass so I will be going there for dinner sometime this week or maybe a few times this week 🙂 .79429660_2707828832614287_6919065831364100096_n

Surprisingly this weekend didn’t end in fireball shots which I’m low-key happy about (Last weekend was rough).

Thank you all for the great weekend and I will see you all at the Yale Saloon for our PuB Night Wednesday Night.

– Sabrina xx

International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

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