Year Review – Part 3

And here the story continous – let’s take a closer look to July, August and September 2019!

As July came around it was time to put our hiking shoes back on and make our way around Lynn Canyon, one of our favorite places to visit here at INTERNeX. LynnCanyon1.jpgLocated in the district of North Vancouver we certainly let our watches behind as we missed the first bus (oops) but that just gave us more time to get to know each other 😉 when we finally arrived everyone was super excited to cross the famous Lynn Canyon Bridge, defiantly something to see while you are here in Vancouver. (


Vargas2.jpgTrading in our hiking shoes for our camping tent, we enjoyed the most beautiful weekend camping on Vargas Island. I never knew how much Tetris can help you in life until we had to pack all of our stuff into only 3 cars while still having to fit our bodies in there. It was going to be a challenge to get back into the cars on the way back as we enjoyed many tasty foods on the island such as burgers and s’mores (s’mores are a must when you are camping). Enjoying each other’s company with an island fire and a beach party was something you won’t forget. Unfortunately, every weekend has to come to an end, but the memories will stay with us forever (


VanDusen1.jpgWe always love getting our INTERNeX team together and what better way to do it than to enjoy a day at the Van Dusen Botanical Garden. The weather was on our side this day as the sun wash shining bright and the beautiful atmosphere of the botanic gardens filled our eyes with colour (


INTERNeX has finally grown out of its teen years and we wish it a very happy 20TH ANNIVERSARY!!! A surprise party had been organized for Tim. We thank Tim for all of his hard work and everything that he has done for INTERNeX and everyone involved. We had organized many people from all over the world to come and experience this special moment with us and surprise Tim with some familiar faces. With both current and former INTERNeX people the night was then all about celebration (


Rockies1.jpgMoose bus adventures always have our back when it comes to our Rocky Mountain Trips. On Friday we started our very long bus trip but our spirits were always lifted by our driver, Mike. Here at INTERNeX we always love a good challenge, why not jump in every lake we find (I think we underestimated how many pretty lakes there were in Vancouver haha…) Everyone enjoyed the scenes even if they didn’t swim in every lake though. After the long exhausting trip on the bus we still felt the need to share a drink or two or three that night – this lead to the very quiet bus ride the next morning 😉 (


DeepCove1.jpgSunny and warm days are for hiking and exploring. The INTERNeX team arrived at Deep Cove then hiked up to Quarry Rock to admire the view. Its always nice to reward ourselves with some delicious Honey Doughnuts and goodies. Although we still had a long bus ride ahead of us back to vancouver we had another amazing day with the INTERNeX team (


BikeTour1.jpgBike tours are a great way to see more of Vancouver. We met at the Waterfront Station where we started the tour and we thank Vancouver for holding the thunderstorms till later (






Lilly has spent many countless hours planning these events and writing Blogs to keep all of out INTERNeX team informed and entertained during their stay in Vancouver. She has done an incredible job and should be congratulated on her work. Thank-you Lilly from all of us here at INTERNeX.




– Sabrina

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

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