How was your Weekend?

The first full week of January is about to start, and this means for most of you – let’s get back to work!
Let’s do it guys! 

This weekend the INTERNeX crew went to the Stanley Park Brewery. Located right in Stanley Park (as the name might have spoilered already), this very romantic, beautiful place provided us a beautiful evening. 

IMG_5613.JPGWe got to eat a fantastic dinner and of course got try out some different sort of beers brewed right there. One fly included 4 different kinds of beers, which you got to choose from a menu of 16 different beers. A variety I was clearly overwhelmed with. Whereas others actually made  logical decision based on the very fancy descriptions for every beer, I sticked to trusting the waiter with all my heart or just going for wild, slightly random picks. Cleary I am not a professional beer taster yet, even tho this little fancy glasses made you feel like one.  However, have you ever tried Coffee-beer? I just loved it, so in case you don’t know what to choose, this is definitely something I can recommend. And trust me, I actually sounds wilder than it tastes. 

After the dinner we went on to The Cambie, where we went back to the beer-classics and had some nice chats, while listening to a bit strange mix of music.
Thank you guys for a lovely Saturday!   

Next weekend we will be playing Lasertag, so whoever isn’t afraid to face my very professional ninja-skills is more than welcome to sign up for it on Facebook. And yes, once again  you will have to agree to this very huge and intense commitment of clicking the going button on Facebook (I know I am asking a lot here), if you want to be part of this battle of a century. 

If you have any question you can always message us or ask me at this weeks Pub-Night at the La Casita!

Have a wonderful week, 


—Nadja xx 

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

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