New “Kids” on the Blog!

New Year. New Week. New “Kids”!
So let’s send out a warm welcome to the first 4 candidates of 2020.
Yes 4 candidates, a fantastic start into the year, even if we are still trying to get over the heartbreaking goodbyes we had to face just before and after Christmas.
Heads up to the future:

8ca54f1d-eab8-4e40-b3d5-f4da7ff71410Starting of with our lovely Laura here (first on the right hand side), 24 years old and from Germany. Laura is taking part in the Practicum Program, but not just in any placement … nooo, all I am saying is, it’s got a lot to do with chocolate! So besides being everyones new best friend, Laura is planing on keeping herself busy and get to see as much as possible. In fact she already spent the last 5 months in Ottawa, so almost a Canada expert I’d say! So now the Rocky Mountains, Vancouver Island and many more are still on her bucket list. And rumours occur she is still looking for some travel companions ;-). 

Next up are the twins. Okay well, maybe not exactly twins, maybe not even siblings, or even the same age – but I like it, so I’d say we just go with it.
Nathalie and Victoria are also from Germany and came here to take part in the Practicum program as well. These two power-ladies came here together and are gonna stay for the next three months. Also they are working in the same placement which is a child development centre. (Do you see now where I am coming from?! :P). Victoria has actually been here in our beautiful Vancouver before, but as 3 days just weren’t enough (I think we all agree on that with you Victoria), she decided that she had to come back. I am glad your plans have worked out ;-).
From there these two are planning on doing some travelling and already have a very exciting trip planned to Hawaii at the end of their stay … I am very very jealous! So if you guys find some space in your luggage, I’d be more than happy to squeeze in! 

To complete the German squad of the week, we’ve got Christian joining us as well. He is one of our Work&Travelers and therefore obviously up for facing some great adventures.
Christian got inspired by his French-teacher to come and visit this beautiful country, oh yeah right he also speaks French, as he has lived there in the past 3 months. Very impressive! So if you are lucky, you might get to catch up with your french skills in the upcoming 5 months. Unfortunately after that he will have to go back to Germany to go to University. 

Therefore guys, don’t loose any time and meet these 4 fantastic newbies at tonights Pub-Night at the La Casita.
Same as always – 7pm, two pieces of ID and minors are welcome! 

Can’t wait to see you ❤ 


— Nadja xx

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-



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