New ‘Kids’ on the Blog

It’s finally time to meet our three new travellers joining the INTERNeX family this week!
Luckily you’ve got enough time to read all about our new girls, now that most of you are stuck at home anyways. Yes right, that is another funny story – Vancouver and snow? No Nadja, don’t even hope for it, it won’t happen anyways. Here we are, public transport being cancelled and downtown in chaos as if an apocalypse is about to happen. 
So I got my day started with a little snow-hike to actually get to work.
Anyways, this is not about me ;).
Let’s take a look at the three newbies. 
image1Starting of with Kris, she is a Canadian expert already. As she used to live here during her exchange year in high school. Very impressive and the living proof, that people are always coming back to our beloved Canada at some point. Kris found herself a second family during her last stay, which made the accommodation pretty easy this time! We are very glad, that you decided to also join the INTERNeX family! Welcome home! 
The next new addition is Julia. Just as Kris, she came all the way from Germany to gain some precious work experiences over here. And a very interesting fact is, that she already stayed in Korea for quite a while. I hope, you are prepared to answer many questions about that, because personally I am very very interested to hear all about that. Besides getting to know the city life of Vancouver, Julia also has Seattle and Victoria on her bucket list. So if you have any kind travel advices or must sees, I am sure she will appreciate it!
Our last newbie of the week, is not from Germany for a change, but from Austria! Lovely Sophie over here, just finished high school and is taking her time off now to figure out what she wants. Great choice to come here Sophie, and what this will be a great and unique experience – I can promise you that. But be careful, Vancouver or Canada in general are very addictive :). As this is her first long-time stay abroad, lets make her feel like home already.

I am sure you guys are going to love these three lovely ladies!
And ladies, don’t worry, the INTERNeX family is always happy to welcome the new members <3.
Obviously I would love to see you guys at tonights Pub-Night at Steamworks at 7pm. But as the snow continues to fall (like crazy btw), please keep in mind that your safety is the priority here. Please consider that before  leaving the house tonight.
If there are an questions/problems whatever don’t hesitate to contact us! 
I hope to see you soon. 
— Nadja  xx
INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

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