Hello Monday!

Hello Monday, Hello INTERNeXer!
I am sorry, for being so awfully quiet these past days. Due to a personal reason, I had to step back for a few days.
However I am back on track now, so lets see what happened these past days. There was a lot going on, so here is a quick overview of the breaking news:

(While reading the following part, please imagine a deep, male voice, reading it to you in a overly dramatic way and a typical breaking news music in the back).


>>INTERNeX became very famous among the Chinese community in Vancouver; Vancouver didn’t know how to stop – we wanted snow, we got snow and catastrophically panicking INTERNeXer, what is going on?!  Read more to get all the juicy details 😉 
Starting off, with the new cultural extension we’ve currently reached in social media. Yes, as you might have seen. The weekly INTERNeX events reached an outstanding new level. 460 people responded to this weekends event of the Chinese News Years Celebration together with the INTERNeX gang! Apparently putting myself in the mouth of a Chinese dragon, is the secret to successful marketing on Social Media ;). So if you are planning on going this weekend, you better be there early. The McDonalds entrance of the International Mall might be incredibly packed :P.
Moving on to the incredible amount of snow, surprising Vancouver last week. If you got the chance to actually leave your house last Wednesday, you can count yourself to the lucky ones – or not, depending on your perspective. Walking through downtown, kinda brought up memories of the first episodes of The Walking Dead. No, there weren’t any zombies involved, no blood or any of that nasty stuff, it was more like we’ve already moved past that stage. Vancouvers Downtown was quieter and more peaceful than I have ever seen it before. Basically no cars, no busses and no people were on the streets and everything was covered in beautiful, calming white. And there was no end in sight! I absolutely loved it, but easy to say for someone who doesn’t depend on public transport right?!
I hope you got to enjoy the beautiful white as much as I did. And I am absolutely sure you did, as most of you got a “snow-day” anyways.
And of course, this post is also meant to calm down all the panicking INTERNeXer among you! I know I have been triggering your nerves extremely.
I have been challenging you and I have been testing your patience to the last bit! But now I finally got very good news for you people.
As I wasn’t in the office these past days I wasn’t able to put the information online concerning the upcoming Pub-Night. My deepest apologies for that, I know you have been waiting for this ever since the last Pub-Night was over and especially because some of you weren’t even able to join because of the snow!
Anyways, Pub-Night is not cancelled nor did I forget about it (how could I, it’s always been my priority :P).
This weeks Pub-Night will be at ‘The Two Parrots’ on Granville Street. We’ll meet there at 7pm. And the best part is, that all minors are more than welcome to join as well. So please don’t forget to bring your ID’s.
Have a wonderful week.
See you soon!
— Nadja xx
INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-
Web: http://www.internexcanada.com
Email: pr@internexcanada.com

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