How was your Weekend?

Welcome back to the last weekend of January. Can you believe that it’s only 11 more months till Christmas?! Time is flying…
However, before we could possibly think of Christmas again (even though I always do), there was another big event to celebrate first.
Therefore the INTERNeX gang made their way all the way to Chinatown to see the famous Chinese New Years parade. And it was overwhelming and beautiful to see all these people in their costumes, presenting Chinese culture. Over 90 minutes we saw so many dancing dragons, beautiful women in stunning dresses doing different traditional dances, as well as people presenting martial arts. In fact, it also felt a little bit like Christmas, as we got so many gifts and traditional Chinese New Years cards from people taking part in the parade. Apparently those gift cards say ‘good luck’ (my Chinese is a bit rusty, so they could have told me anything ;-)) and the chocolate money is supposed to be symbolizing a successful year. IMG_6047.PNG
Therefore thank you very much, with all these gift cards and chocolate dollars, I guess I’ll have the best year ever.
Afterwards we made our way to the Chinese Garden. However, we ended our visit after only a few minutes – lunch needed to come first!
Because, whoever knows me, can tell how important food is to me haha. And I am incredibly happy, that you guys share that passion.
Eventually, we were ready to take in more cultural input and went back to the Chinese Garden. Personally, I am a very big fan go the decoration, joined with vibe of the gardens itself, it was simply beautiful. And just in case you ever come close enough to one of those red lampions, do yourself a favour and touch the threads on the bottom, I swear that is what clouds would feel like. Forget about ASMR-Videos, this should be a thing!
Furthermore, we also got a slight insight of the Chinese language, as we got to write our own good-luck-cards in Chinese symbols. And I’ll have to say, it is a lot harder than it looks like and I am not sure if a native speaker would actually be able to read what we IMG_6048‘created’. After having some freshly brewed tea, we stopped by a little bakery. Some of us decided to stay there for a cup of hot chocolate, but most of us just got something to eat (obviously).
From there we had some time to talk about life and the stuff that happens in-between, especially since a few new faces joined the group, it was so nice to get to know everybody a little bit better. We found a lovely spot at the waterfront, talking and watching the sky turning into the calming dark and lights of the buildings glowing up like little stars.

I had a beautiful Sunday and I am very happy that some many people joined in.
The weekend is over now, but the good thing is, it’s only two more days till Pub-Night.

And I think I mentioned it a couple of times by now, but THIS WEDNESDAY WE ARE GOING TO THE CAMBIE. It’s not only a pretty cool bar with nice drinks and good food, but also the place to be for a good beerpong-tournament.
No pressure, but I personally really REALLY want to see the (symbolic) cup in the hands of INTERNeX. And by really wanting to, I kinda mean – guys we need to win this. This is about pride, dignity and beautiful Cambie-Shirts :-D.

IMG_6031.JPGI honestly can’t wait to see you guys there. Please don’t forget to sign up on Facebook, as it will make my life a little bit easier.

Have a fantastic week.

— Nadja xx

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-



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