New kid on the blog – Tatjana Schmitt

Welcome back! I know it has been quite a while since you heard from us, but the reason for this is the same story for everyone in the world at the moment – COVID-19. But now the time has come. We are very happy to be able to give a sign of life to you guys.
Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. 🙂

My name is Tatjana, 23 years old from Germany and I am the new PR- Coordinator at INTERNeX. I am studying Social Sciences at the Ruhr-University in Bochum. I already finished my bachelor’s degree except for the practicum as part of my studies. Sounds kind of confusing I know because normally you must do the practicum before being able to finish or writing the thesis. But as I mentioned before this pandemic mixed everything up.
Actually, my practicum was planned for 2020 but since I wasn’t able to fly to Canada because of the very strict border restrictions as well as the health requirements I had to postpone my stay. Although some may think it sounds a bit crazy to wait for a practicum abroad for over a year without knowing how the situation will turn out, but I had the feeling that it is worth it. And it was. Right now, I am finally able to start my practicum as the new PR- Coordinator with INTERNeX. Although I have to work remotely at the moment I am very much looking forward and am more than grateful to have the opportunity for this practicum and for all the new experiences and challenges I will face.
Four years ago my “relationship” with INTERNeX already started. I was in Vancouver volunteering at the Wildlife Rescue Association of BC. Because this opportunity was also organized by INTERNeX I already made great experiences with this company back then. I really enjoyed all the trips and kept the international experience I had back then in good memory. The Rocky Mountain trip was definitely the most beautiful and memorable thing I did and I am really glad I joined…and for sure I absolutely fell in love with this country and especially with Vancouver. For me from that first moment the decision was made – I had to go back to Vancouver and use the practicum as an opportunity to combine gaining work experience, improvement of my language skills and getting to know the Canadian culture and lifestyle better. But what is the best part for me about Vancouver?
I think this city is such a special place as there is this big city life right next to the ocean and the huge mountains around the Vancouver area. It is like all in one. Additionally, the people are very friendly and open- minded which makes living here an adventure of a lifetime.
Under normal circumstances as an PR-Coordinator my job would be to organize the activities, pub nights, trips and events and be the first point of contact for all the people staying with INTERNeX in Vancouver. And for sure joining the Pub nights. 🙂 This means working in this beautiful city while exploring the Canadian nature. For me it sounds like a dream.

Even if I am not in Canada at the moment it will give me a lot of pleasure to see what’s going on in Vancouver and support INTERNeX with all the different tasks. And for sure I will try my best to give you a first impression of what to expect in Vancouver as soon as travel will be allowed again.
And from my own experience I can say the wait will be worth it. Canada is a beautiful place to be.

I am very much looking forward to the remaining time of my practicum. Let’s make the best of this situation.

– Tatjana

INTERNeX International Exchange
2005-689 Abbott St., Vancouver, BC, V6B 0J2

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