New `Kids` on the Blog

I know it has been kind of quiet last week – but this week we’re back with “double-power”!
Today I’m happy to introduce you to our two amazing newbies arrived in Vancouver in the last few days. We’re glad Ina and Dennis found their way from Germany to beautiful Canada.
So let’s start with Ina. Right at the beginning of our interview we found out that we’re from the same small town close to Stuttgart in Germany – really cool! But for now a few interesting facts about her 🙂

She already finished her apprenticeship and worked for a few months in her hometown; but there’s more to it. Since one apprenticeship wasn’t enough for her she already finished two – one in the commercial department and another one as a media designer. Right now she’s looking for her dream job in the media design industry. During her 5 weeks long stay in Canada she aims to improve her professional experience with a practicum in the field of marketing /design right in Vancouver Downtown. She’s really into traveling but would love to combine getting to know a new country with useful experiences for her career as well. So she uses her time in Canada to learn a lot about the country and its people and also as a time-out before starting back into her professional life in Germany. Since she has never been to Canada before she’s really excited to see new places, meet new people, and experience everything Canada has to offer. Since Canada was one of the first countries on her bucket list opened the border, it wasn’t a difficult decision for her to choose this place for an experience abroad. Ina also really enjoys her time in the office because she’s able to achieve a lot of new tasks and as she said: “the tasks are very helpful for my career and a lot of fun”. In my opinion this is how a practicum should look like 😉

Now let’s talk a bit about Dennis. He’s 28 years old and from Stuttgart as well. He came to Canada as a part of this cooperate study program. Since his studies include a combination of studying and working he seized the opportunity and asked his workplace in Germany if there is a possibility for him to do a stay abroad – and as you can see it worked out! In Vancouver he’s participating in our practicum program in a security system company. He’s staying for 6 weeks – seems like these guys want to be back home for Christmas with their families 😉 Actually Dennis had planned to do his stay in Tokyo but something changed his mind and he chose Canada… and as he said he doesn’t regret it.
During his last vacation in Mexico he made some great friends which are now staying in Vancouver as well. So these guys are able to meet and spend some time together again – pretty cool!! With this stay abroad he aims to get an insight into an international working environment especially in comparison to the German.

I really hope they both have an amazing time in Canada with us.

Enjoy your weekend 🙂

– Tatjana

INTERNeX International Exchange
2005-689 Abbott St., Vancouver, BC, V6B 0J2

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