New ‘Kid’ on the Blog

Another week another addition to our INTERNeX crew. Please welcome Anouk. She is from Germany and stays with us for 7 weeks.

As a child, when someone asked her about her dream job, she explained that she’d like to have a different job for every day of the week. It shows she has a fair amount of interests.

After finishing her high school diploma (Abitur) in Germany she’s done a lot of different practicums to figure out what she’d like to do for her career, since she realized it could be difficult with 7 different jobs during the week. πŸ˜‰

One part of her journey was going to Namibia for three months and working at a wildlife rescue. In Vancouver she’ll be doing something very similar, with birds. She loves working with animals, but she figured out, that this is something she’d rather do in her free time, not as a full time job. Her other interest is something completely different: the film industry. In Germany she already had the chance to work on a project and she said that she really enjoys the diversity of the job. There’s no real routine, it changes all the time. On top of that she gets to work with creative minds on interesting projects, which creates a great environment. Before she focuses more on her career, she wanted to travel some more, that’s why we are lucky to have her here. πŸ™‚

Canada was always on her bucket list, but over the years she kind of forgot about it. When she was deciding on where to go, her first choice was Peru, but then she remembered about Canada and changed her mind. One reason is the vast nature. Further, she loves the winter and snow. Technically wrong timing, but if one goes high enough on a mountain, one probably finds snow. πŸ˜‰ I’m sure she’ll enjoy summer here just as much.

One thing on her bucket list while she’s here: Whale Watching. Who’s joining her?

I hope we all get to chat more at tonights pub night. Don’t forget, 7pm at Mahoney’s at the Convention Centre.


Laura πŸ™‚

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