New ‘Kid’ on the Blog

Here comes another INTERNeX candidate! Please welcome Tim to our crew. He’s from Lingen in the North of Germany and he’ll be staying with us for the next two months. His practicum is in Marketing, so he’ll be helping organize events, etc. The first one will be a big charity golf tournament. In Germany he still attends high school. One more year is left until he finishes his diploma (Abitur), so he can go to university to study Marketing or Engineering. He tells me that one reason why he chose Marketing is the variety of tasks this area has to offer. You work with lots of interesting people, do something different every day, until you specify on something that you like most, so it doesn’t get boring.

His first impression of Vancouver is “big”. Since he’s from a small town in Germany he’s not used to the scale of this city with it’s skyscrapers. I remember that I felt the same way when I got here three years ago, and now I think it’s a small city. Funny how things change with time. I’m sure many of you feel very similar. Tim also didn’t expect to see snow on the mountains, but oh boy, he didn’t know that we had pretty modest weather until last weekend. Summer let us wait for a while, plus those mountains are pretty darn big, so you’ll be able to see snow on some of them all summer long. Part of the reasons why he chose Canada are the nature and the fact that it’s very different from his hometown.

In his free time he likes to go sailing, or to play Tennis. Anyone down for a match?

Meet him at our pub night tonight, 7pm at The Beaver! See you there!


Laura ūüôā

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