New ‘Kids’ on the Blog

This week we’ll welcome quite a few new INTERNeX members! There’s 17 new cool ‘kids’. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to talk to all of them yet, since I was away. 😦

But good news is, I got to know one of them already: Lisa from Germany. 🙂 Let me tell you a little bit about her.

This is her first time on this continent, but she’s already been to South-East Asia, New Zealand and many more interesting places in the world. In New Zealand she did one year of Au Pair and in South-East Asia she travelled solo most of the time, which she actually prefers. Super brave! Her absolute favourite thing so far was an overnight jungle tour in Sumatra to see Orangutans. It’s clear, she loves to travel. After her time in Vancouver she’d like to head over to the East Coast and see New York, Toronto as well as the famous Niagara Falls. But that’s not enough, she’ll also go to LA and Hawaii. Any Hawaii Five-O fans amongst us? Lisa loves the show and that’s one of the reasons she’d like to visit Hawaii.

When she’s not travelling she spends her time studying Public Management and working for her dual study, pretty busy. The last time she saw a Netflix show was months ago! Hopefully she can use her time here to explore Canada and take a little break. 😉 She’ll be doing her practicum in HR, since she’d like to try out different possibilities that her studies offer, even though it sounds like she’s already found what she likes best: IT. Before she started with Public Management she studied IT Forensics and loved it. Whenever she has some free time though, Lisa likes to go for long walks, read, or bake. Her specialty are brownies. You know what that means, I guess she’ll have to bake some for us. 😉

When I asked her about her first impression of Vancouver she laughed and said ‘ugly’. 😀 I think we need to change that as soon as possible and show her all the beautiful parts in and around this city.

What’s your favourite place in Vancouver? Which spot would you show her first? I’d probably go to the beach or Stanley Park. 🙂

I hope to meet the other 16 new ‘kids’ soon and introduce them to you as well.

Until then, have a great week!


Laura 🙂

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