New ‘Kids’ on the Blog

This week we have another bundle of pure girl power joining the INTERNeX crew. Let me introduce you to Joelle, Paula, Ann-Christin and Laura.

Joelle will stay with us for six weeks and is doing volunteer practicum in Marketing, PR, Digital Design, etc. Back in Germany she just finished High School and she’ll be going to university in October to study Media. Now she can find out if she really likes it. 🙂 She’s very interested in arts, music and culture, which shows in her hobby of dancing Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance. Further she likes to be in nature either by foot or on the back of a horse. 🙂 One of the reasons she came here was actually the nature that surrounds Vancouver with it’s lush forests and stunning mountains. She’s been wanting to live here since she was 8 years old! I’m glad she finally made it. Let’s make her time here extra special!

Paula likes Sport Psychology. In Germany she wants to study Sport Science, here she’s doing a practicum that involves event planning for sports tournaments. One of her favourite things coming up is the Canadian Field Hockey Championship. That might be because she’s playing field hockey herself.;) Fun Fact: Paula was already in Vancouver, but she doesn’t remember anything because she was only 1 year old. Her dad’s cousin lives here, so her family recommended the city to her. One thing she noticed about Vancouver is that it’s much bigger than her city in Germany, and also people are really friendly. Canada is living up to its image. 😉 On her bucket list are Vancouver Island and the Rockies. Good thing we are planning a Rockies trip in August. 🙂

Ann-Christin, as well from Germany, finished High School and will be volunteering in beautiful Stanley Park. Her plans for the future seem determined, she’d like to go to university and become a surgeon. How cool is that? In her free time she likes to do athletics, go to the gym, or horseback riding. A good reason for her to come here was her best friend Fee who’s in language school at the moment, but I’ll introduce you to her another time. 😉 Also, Ann-Christin thinks that Canada is beautiful and a comparably safe country which made her choice even more easy. Along the way of gaining some work experience, and enjoying her time, she’d like to improve her English which is also a great reason to come to Vancouver. She’s very open regarding her plans, but one thing she probably wouldn’t want to miss is our Rockies trip. 😉

Another Laura is joining our crew, so we gotta figure out some nick names for the two of us. 😉 She’ll be staying with us for 5 months, which is awesome because it gives her a chance to enjoy this beautiful city to its fullest. Not only do we share a name, but also the reason of coming here, getting out of the comfort zone, jumping in to a new adventure. Her practicum is in wildlife rescue. Can’t wait for those cute animal photos! Her plan was to study for a pharmacy degree, most likely to develop products, but now her plan has been overthrown by the amazement for this city. On her first day she got neck pain from looking up those tall buildings. She described it as breathtaking. It made her want to travel more before going back to Germany, maybe to Australia? But for now, let’s try and take her breath away a few more times here. 😉 Laura likes to play volleyball, hike, but also ski or snowboard. Good thing she’ll be able to do all of the above in her time here. Vancouver just has it all. 😉

Can’t wait for you to meet them at our tonights pub night, 7pm at Relish!

See you there!


Laura 🙂

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