New ‘Kids’ on the Blog

Yay, it’s time to introduce you to more new ‘kids’!

Let me start with Clara from Berlin, Germany. In Vancouver she will do her volunteer practicum at an Art Gallery, gaining some experience in event planning and organization, before she goes back to Germany to study Psychology. She says she’d love to learn more about arts, culture and community in Canada and is very excited to start her practicum. She picked Canada amongst all the countries because she wants to improve her English, she like the combination of nature and city, plus it’s nicer here than in the USA she heard from a few friends. 😉 Her first impression of Vancouver was ‘big’. While Clara is here she’d love to meet lots of people, explore the nature and maybe go to the Rockies. In her free time she likes to dance (street jazz) and read. Did you notice we’ve got a lot of dancers here at the moment? Maybe we can start an INTERNeX Flash Mob? 😀

Our next candidate is Benjamin from Frankfurt, Germany. He’ll be doing a volunteer practicum in event planning and administrative work. In Germany he graduated High School and now he’s not quite sure what his plan will be, maybe studying? He’s here to figure it out, I think the practicum is definitely useful to get one step closer. 🙂 His parents told him about Vancouver, since they loved it he decided to give it a try. I’m sure it was the right decision. 😉 The city is bigger than he expected, but very beautiful, he says. In his free time he likes to go to the gym and meet his friends, hopefully he can make some new friends to meet here as well. 🙂

Finally, another non-german (no offence, I’m German myself :D) to bring a little diversity to our INTERNeX crew! Martin from Västerås in Sweden will be doing some work and travel in Canada and he’s starting here in Vancouver, so we’ll have lots of time to get to know him more. After that he might go to Whistler for the ski season, since he really likes winter sports. He started ice skating and ice hockey last winter and enjoyed it very much. He also plays the piano in his free time. Martin has actually been to Vancouver before when his brother did the same thing 5 years ago, he loved it so much that he wanted to come back. 🙂 His first impression was that Vancouver is really big and smells like Cannabis. 😀 I can’t blame him. While he’s here he wants to go to Tofino and try out surfing. Who else is in?

Fourth in our round is Luisa. She lives near Munich in Germany and already has a job she loves with children and teenagers. She’s here during her three week vacation break to gain some international work experience at Stanley Park. So far she thinks Vancouver is a cool city and she really likes it. 🙂 When I asked her why she picked Canada she said that she’s never been here so she wanted to go to try something new. Luisa doesn’t have a bucket list, she will just go with the flow while she’s here which I think is a good idea. In her free time she plays the flute in an orchestra, she loves sports, especially gymnastics and hiking. Good thing we’re going on a hike this weekend!

So excited for you to meet them at tonight’s Pub Night at The Ballyhoo, 7pm! It’s 18+ till 10pm, so I’m expecting a lot of people. 😉

See you all there!


Laura 🙂

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