New ‘Kids’ on the Blog

Let me present to you this week’s new ‘kids’ on the blog:

Elina is a Work and Traveler from near Frankfurt in Germany. She’s planning on staying till mid December and then going home to have a bunch of smaller trips with her friends, and eventually study. She’s interested in Business Psychology, but not a hundred percent sure yet if that’s what she’d like to do. It’s her first time here and the mix of nature and big cities, combined with friendly and welcoming people made her choose to go to Canada. She just arrived, but her fist impression is that Vancouver is a relaxed city. I can see that. 🙂 In her short time she has a lot of places on her bucket list that she’d like to see, like the Rockies, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Montreal, and more! Hopefully she’ll be able to travel more than she has to work. 😉 Other than traveling Elina enjoys spending time with her friends or going to the gym.

Isabel will also do Work and Travel here in Canada. She’s from a village near Freiburg in Germany and plans on staying a full year. After that, she might study Fitness and Dietary in Berlin which seems to be very fitting, considering that she works out five times a week, preferably at a gym. Other than that she loves to listen to music, hang out at a park with friends, or also just by herself. Another hobby she discovered is skating, maybe she can practice a little more while she’s here. 🙂 This is actually not her first time in Canada, Isabel came here once in 2016 and enjoyed it a lot, so that she decided to come back. Her parents used to live in Seattle, so she feels kind of connected to this part of the world. While she’s here she’d like to work in the Hospitality industry and visit places like the Rockies, Niagara Falls and Toronto. Looks like those two could go on adventures together! 🙂

Lina is from near Vienna in Austria and will do her volunteer practicum in management, marketing and customer service. She just finished High School and will be doing half a year of college in Santa Barbara, California after her time here. So exciting! 🙂 She’s actually been to Canada before a few years ago for a High School Exchange year in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. Her return shows how much she loved it! Especially the people are reason for her to come back to Canada: “They are friendlier than Austrians”, she says. 😉 In her free time she likes to play handball, or to go snowboarding. While she’s here Lina would like to go to Seattle to visit her brother who’s studying in the sleepless city. Pretty cool to have your family close by. 🙂

Marie from near Dortmund in Germany will have her internship together with Lina at the same organization, but she hopes to get a little more in the area of curation. In Germany she studies History and English. Lately she had to study a lot and now she’s taking a well deserved break, even though her studies require her to spend some time in an English speaking country, she’s doing it more for herself. She always wanted to go to Canada and her she is. 🙂 From above the clouds Vancouver reminded her of the Nordic countries in Europe with all its surrounding nature. She loves it, and to be honest, how couldn’t you? While she’s here Marie would love to see an Ice Hockey Game. Good thing the season starts again soon! When she has a little free time from studying she likes to play Volleyball. I know a lot of you love to go to Kits Beach to play, maybe next time she can be on your team? 😉

I hope to see you all at tonights Pub Night. 7pm at the Beaver Taphouse! It’s 18+, make sure to bring two pieces of ID!


Laura 🙂

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