New ‘Kids’ on the Blog

Hello everyone!

I would like to introduce myself: I’m Ida, 26 years old from Sweden and I am a new member of the INTERNeX team in the PR department; this is a practicum as part of my studies.

A week ago I left the north part of Sweden where I’m originally from. I have lived in many different places in Sweden but never really enjoyed myself there for too long. I might add that I am one of those inspired types with a restless soul who strives for more adventures in life. I want to have a “everyday life” that includes a little bit of everything and here I am: I just made my “everyday life” into an adventure by living on the other side of the world, how awesome is that? 🙂

Adventures is one of the big reasons I started studying within the tourism industry: tailoring trips and destinations, promoting adventures on social media/websites, create events, exploring beautiful destinations, meeting with new people from all over the world and helping people explore dream destinations. 

The INTERNeX family is giving me this opportunity and I am eternally grateful and I am so excited about everything this internship in Canada has to offer.

See you out there in Vancouver!

// Ida

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