The Rockies – review (part 2 of 2)

Day 3

Wow, what a pub night in Banff! If you are in Banff or planning to go there, it’s definitely a big recommendation!!

This day we had a day of free time. We’d spend the day exactly how we wanted to spend it. Some of us took a sleep-in during the morning and stayed in the hostel, such a cozy idea, and some of us went to Lake Moraine around 9 am in the morning to explore that lake and it’s mystic water 🙂
Rest of the day was a free day were we could go hiking, biking, running and also do shopping in Banff or in Hot Springs as many of us did, how awesome isn’t that?

Day 4

Rise and shine folks – 6am in the morning we were going home to Vancouver with a few stops on along the way. This morning we went to catch the sunrise over Lake Louise beautiful mountain peaks. Goosh, I love mornings!! Such a peaceful moment, but I gotta be honest with you, it was crowded but we found our secrets spots of the lake and of the mountains, You’ll see the results here;

The the bus tour continued and that moment when you think you’re going straight home to Vancouver, a little surprise pops up; WE ARE GOING KAYAKING – at Natural Escape Kayaking in Revelstoke. Such an amazing experience, I know that I am more of a mountain girl but kayaking was a blast. It was a bit challenging but totally worth it. We went to a waterfall and just enjoyed being on water. A big recommendation if you’re in Revelstoke!!

The rest of the bus ride home to Vancouver was great, a lot of great views of the mountains and I am happy that I had the chance of going on this road trip, thank you!


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