What to do on the weekend

This short week is already over but that means we’re closer to this weekend which is going to be great! – Vancouver International Flamenco Festival is coming up which starts off with an free outdoor event this Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th. There will be performances of local and provincial flamenco dance and music artists on the Picnic Pavilion stage at Granville Island. How awesome is that? 

If you’re staying in Vancouver, Granville Island is a must!! Granville Island is known for it’s amazing food and you will find plenty of places to grab a drink, dinner, snacks, ice cream or coffee and if you’re interested in local, national and international food, arts and crafts this is definitely a great place to visit. Its especially great that the festival will be held on the island; so much to do between shows. This will be my second time going to Granville Island and I am super excited about everything that Vancouver Flamenco Festival will offer.

Other things Vancouver has to offer include Stanley Park. Rent a bike or go for a walk, have a picnic with a nice view and enjoy the waves from the ocean and the huge trees along the park. You could also go for a hike in beautiful Lynn Canyon. There is plenty of “swimming pools” carved out of the rocks, so bring your swimwear with you, it can get hot during your hike!

Hope you will have a great weekend!



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