How was the weekend?

This is my third week here in Vancouver and I’m impressed by all the things you can do in this city! New things I want to try out pop up every single day and I love it! 

One of the things I did this weekend was to go to the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival at Granville Island and it was a blast! The event started at 1pm and showed work performed by local, national and international artists and it was so cool! Definitely a great event if you are into dance and music. The performances were in five acts so after the first one we went to see the Granville Island public market to get something to eat and drink and of course I found a coffee shop and bought an iced coffee because of the warm weather we had during Saturday (it still feels like summer here, haha!).

One of my personal highlights during this event were the street artists who performed, while other people had a nice time enjoying their food with friends/family by the water with a nice view of Vancouver. Later during the day we went to a Sushi restaurant and it was so delicious, such a long time ago I had sushi and from now on it will be more of it! 

The rest of the weekend I had really cozy days at home including an extra day off because of the Labour day – a great time for me to catch up with my studies and just being at home, settling down and get to know the nearby area better where I’m staying for the moment. Goosh I love Vancouver!! As I mentioned before; there is a lot to see and to do! See you out there!

Don’t forget to come to tomorrow’s pub night and tell me about your weekend ! 7.30pm at Relish! 



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