How was the weekend

Another week has come to an end and we are ready for a new week and new events!! But let me tell you about the past weekend first. 

Last friday INTERNeX attended a secret live music event. We didn’t know exactly where it was at first but when we had the address revealed I was surprised, in a good way 🙂 It turned out to be at a church! You can probably imagine how great the acoustics sounded. The event felt intimate and personal with performances of three artists playing their own songs in a room full of support and positive energy from its audience. It was definitely a great event that I really recommend you to experience if you are into all kinds of music genres and open to new music. The music was a mix of soul, blues, indie/folk, and rap/hip hop. I am sure there is music for everyone at an event like this! We even brought our own popcorn with us and we were also allowed to bring our own blanket and pillows if we’d like. Such a cozy Friday night event, perfect for fall season, as was our Saturday event.

Have you ever been to a Country Farm and a pumpkin patch before? If not you should visit one, especially now when fall and halloween is at its very moment. On Saturday at noon we went to this Country Farm that offered live music on a stage and even on a wagon wheel that took us to the pumpkin patch, flower field and a corn maze. Wow, I don’t think I have seen that many pumpkins before!! We stopped by an old tractor to take some pictures and then we stopped next to a wall for more pictures and I can say there were a lot of amazing photo spots over there. The fields were so beautiful, and I was surprised about the corn maze, it was huge and a bit tricky to find the right way out. Luckily we heard music playing from the pumpkin field which made it easier to find the way out from the maze, hahaa 😉

What do you like more? – Wagon wheel ride, live music or photoshoot among the pumpkins? Haahaa, I liked it all but the photo shoot among the pumpkins was something extra and we enjoyed it a lot 🙂 We spent about 2-3 hours of our day in the fields and then we got our own PUMPKIN to take home!! Such a full experience of a country and halloween vibe all in one place. There were also lots of snacks like mini doughnuts, or fresh apples which I can highly recommend! 

I can’t wait to hear about your weekend at this week’s Pub Night. 

I hope you had a great one!



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