How was the weekend

Happy Halloween everyone! Another week has come to an end and I am so excited about everything this new week will bring us. But first I want to tell you about my last weekend:

Since it’s Halloween INTERNeX met up at a bar downtown last Saturday and had a costume contest where the candidates had the chance to win a pitcher or a shot for the best costume. It was hard for us to decide so we all won a shot, haha 😉 It was so cool to see how Vancouver celebrates Halloween. Everyone wore cool costumes and looked like they were in an act or something 😉 We had some drinks and fries to snack on while having a nice time celebrating 🙂

Around 8pm we took the skytrain to Burnaby to experience a Halloween event known as ‘Pumpkins after Dark’. It took place next to a stadium in a big park. The event presented a huge amount of carved pumpkins in which well-known characters glow in the dark, it was like walking through a museum with some music and sound effects that fitted the carvings, some of which were quite spooky! It’s Canada’s award-winning outdoor event with over 6000 hand-carved pumpkins and it was definitely a cool experience. Today is the last chance to see them, so if you missed out, you should go and see it for yourself!

The rest of the weekend I was mostly in the area where I live. I was recommended to go to Main Street because of its shopping and great food, so I decided to go there. I found some second-hand stores along the street. I really love the small, cozy stores and I ended up buying a shirt 😉 If you are into second-hand shopping, please, let me know if you know any other second-hand stores here in Vancouver!  

I hope you had a great weekend, I can’t wait to hear all about it on Pub Night this Wednesday 🙂



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