New ‘kid’ on the blog

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing and welcoming a new candidate to our INTERNeX family. Let me introduce him to you:

This is Nikolai, he is 19 year old from Germany and he has recently finished high school and plans to do a dual studies within economics and logistics next fall. He arrived in Vancouver a week ago and plans to move to the Rocky Mountains next week where he will work at a ski-resort during the winter season. A winter in the Rockies must be so much fun – many hours of skiing in a magical world among forest, snow and all the crazy adventures that comes with it. He says he always wanted to explore more of Canada because he has already been here before for three weeks on a road trip last summer and now he saw great opportuniities to come back to experience a work & travel programme, especially now during winter since Canada is known to have a lot of snow in the mountains and he loves to ski. Canada is the place to be, right? We are so happy to have him here with us 🙂

I asked him what his first impression of Vancouver is so far and he says Vancouver is a really nice city and it was such a relief to come here because it feels like home. Last time he was here in Vancouver he experienced Stanley Park on a bike and he really likes the city-life here. 

What’s on your bucket list? He says it would be cool to experience Heli-Ski, which means you take your skis on a helicopter ride and they drop you off somewhere in the mountains where you can go off-piste to another destination, so cool! He also says he wants to ‘go with the flow’ and enjoy the time while he’s here Canada. I ask him what his hobbies are and he says he likes skiing and rock climbing/bouldering – doing what he love the most in a great enviroment together with friends. When I asked him what his favourite food is he replied that he loves rosemary potatoes with salmon and salad. After Canada he plans to work in Germany for a while and then travel to Asia before studies begins next fall. 

We really hope that he will have a great time here in Canada, but I’m pretty sure he’ll have his best time ever 🙂 Let’s meet him at tonight’s Pub Night!



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