What to do on the weekend

December is already here and this is my last weekend in Canada. It feels strange to say that since I only have seven days left and I have a few things on my bucket list I want to experience. I will experience one (or more) of them this weekend and I will tell you more about it next week 🙂 

Today INTERNeX is going to Whistler for a weekend trip and we expect to be back in Vancouver on Sunday evening. This weekend will offer outdoor activities such as skiing, skating, snow walking, cozying up and a lot of fun in the beautiful village. We are a group of nineteen going to Whistler and I am sure that everyone of us will have a great time. Last time I was in Whistler was in the beginning of October and it was 100% autumn (you can read about our last Whistler trip in a previous blog post from October). It will be great to experience Whistler in the snow and all the adventures that come with it. I will tell you all about our weekend on Monday, but first: let’s enjoy the weekend and here’s some inspiration of what you can do:

In Metro Vancouver they have an event called Lumagica which is located in Surrey. This is an ongoing event until December 30th where you have the chance to experience a beautiful trail in lights through various secret winter wonderlands where you can try out delicious food as frosty’s hot chocolate, fresh crepes with chocolate sauce, calzone pizzas and more. Make sure you don’t miss out! Price around $27 on weekends. 

…have you ever experienced ice skating in the centre of a city before? You should go to Robson Square where they have a skating rink starting from December 2nd, 2022 till February 28th, 2023. This event takes place outside the Vancouver Art Gallery. There is also an ice rink in North Vancouver at the Shipyards Skate Plaza which is the region’s largest outdoor rink. At both events it’s possible for skaters to bring their own skates or even rent a pair on-site, although numbers are limited. This is a “must try” in my opinion and it must feel like being in a traditional Christmas movie 🙂 

Whatever you decide to do on the weekend I hope you will have a great one and enjoy every minute of Christmas spirit 🙂

See you next week!



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