How was the weekend

Last Friday INTERNeX went to Whistler for the weekend. Whistler, beautiful Whistler! I am so happy we managed to go there last weekend as it’s my last weekend in Canada. 

Whistler is about two hours from Vancouver and it’s really easy to get there by Shuttle if you don’t have a car. As we arrived in Whistler we decided to leave our luggage at the hotel we’d be staying at while waiting to check-in, so we decided to head towards Whistler Golf Course Loop which is a 5km walk through beautiful nature nearby the village. While we were walking we saw people playing ice hockey on the lake, they seemed to be having a great time out there and so did we on our snowy walk together 🙂 

After the snow walk we went back to the village for some shopping and to get something to eat. Wow, there is something magical seeing Whistler Village covered in snow. Make sure you don’t miss out on it! Around 6pm we had dinner together at Splitz Grill where they serve all different kinds of Burgers and fries. I definitely recommend you try some burgers in Whistler, the village offers various options 🙂 The rest of Friday night was pretty much a chill night at our hotel which had a hot-tub in each room and a pool outside, not bad! Who would want to leave in the freezing cold -14 degree weather when you can relax in a hot tub?

Early Saturday morning we picked up breakfast to go, before our snowy activities outdoors continued. Some of us decided to go to a spa, some went shopping, some went ice skating in Whistler Village and some of us went downhill skiing. Since I went skiing, I have to say it’s a ‘must-do’ while you are in Whistler during the winter season. The mountains are huge with many ski-tracks, ski-lifts, a lot of snow-covered trees and it was so beautiful to see the nature surrounding the village. Luckily we had a few hours of sun while we skied. I have to admit it was a little chilly in the morning, but as soon as the sun came to our ‘side’ of the mountain it instantly felt so much warmer. As the ski-lifts were closing quite early, we were back in the village by 3pm. Just in time for Apres-Ski and I can say Whistler knows how to party 😉 As a late dinner we decided to go to The Old Spaghetti Factory in Whistler. We got it recommended and it was definitely the best end of the day. 🙂

Early on Sunday morning we checked out of the hotel and as we were all a bit tired we went to have coffee and breakfast. We went to an organic café who served various organic and vegan dishes and I can tell we had a delicious breakfast. If you are interested to hear more about this organic café, just ask us and we will give you the details of where you can find this hidden gem in Whistler Village. 😉

This was a review about our weekend in Whistler. Make sure you don’t miss out on the next INTERNeX trip!

I hope you had a great weekend and I can’t wait to hear all about it at this week’s Pub Night!



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