How was the weekend?

Did you stay warm this past weekend, or did the snow get you?
For me it was little bit of both. INTERNeX went to Whistler on Saturday for a fun day trip. When we arrived the streets of the little village were mostly snow free. A bunch of us went straight up the mountain for some skiing and snowshoeing while others went to grab a coffee and explore the area.

As the caffeine kicked in our group was excited to slide down the small snow hill nearby the Olympic Rings, but soon we longed for bigger, better, faster, so we decided to go Tubing! A quick free ride with the gondola led us to the tubing lanes. Luckily, it wasn’t busy so we got right into it! There were single and double tubes to choose from and a ‘magic carpet’ carried us up the hill. It was actually my first time tubing and let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed! The staff gives you a nice spin and down the hill you go! I was screaming of joy and felt like I was on a roller coaster. If only we had some goggles though! Snow blowing into our faces as we crashed down the hill made it hard to look around, but honestly the feeling itself was already worth the experience.

After we let out our inner child we went back into the village for a round of ice skating. I heard someone kissed the ice quite a few times. 😀 We rewarded ourselves at a Happy Hour with food and drinks, recharging the energy we’ve just spent out in the snow. A few adventure junkies still haven’t had enough though and therefore went on a snowmobile tour, how cool, is that? I heard it was totally worth it, you explore the nature while going up to 45km/h on the snowmobile which apparently is harder to drive then it first seems. Hungry from all the action we had our early dinner due to the snow storm that was rolling in.

By 4.30pm the first empty streets were filled with snow and it kept on snowing causing many small accidents on the Highway leading to major delays and a little bit of concern which is why we had to leave Whistler as early as possible in order to get everyone back home safe and sound. Thankfully our driver was very experienced and we were back in Vancouver early enough to avoid any snow craziness. Apart from that I believe we had a really great trip! I’m already looking forward to the next one. 🙂

Allover I’d say we stayed warm through all the activities, but the snow got us in the end by forcing us to rush home earlier than we wanted.

How about you? What was your weekend like?

Can’t wait to hear about it. 🙂



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