New ‘Kids’ on the Blog

Exciting news, we have lots of New ‘Kids’ joining our crew! Let me tell you a little bit about them.

Here we have Sasha from Belgium, near Brussels. He’s already been to Toronto for a couple of months and loving his experience so far. I’d say we can make it even better! Back home he finished High School, not sure what he wanted to do after, he decided to take some time to explore Canada. Now he already knows, he wants to do something science related in the future. In Vancouver he’ll be volunteering in Stanley Park. One of his brother’s friends told him about his experience at Stanley Park and in Vancouver so Sasha thought he now has to see for himself. Another reason why he picked Canada is the vibe and mindset of the people which seems like a lot of fun. In general he wants to go with the flow, meet new individuals, learn about them, have fun and live life day to day. What a great attitude. 🙂 In his free time he likes to play music on the piano, or bass guitar, learn things about science and history, and of course go out! He turns 19 on the 22nd of April, let’s make sure we throw him a great party. 😉

Maria from Frankfurt in Germany will also celebrate her Birthday here in July. 😉 After finishing High School she worked at her parents optician shop and discovered that she really likes it, so when she gets back home she wants to start working towards becoming one herself. For now she just wants to enjoy her time here, volunteering at a Cat Sanctuary, even though she’s more of a dog person. In fact she has her own family dog, Oscar. That doesn’t stop her from being excited to meet all the cats, taking care of them and enjoying their company, and who knows, maybe she’ll turn into a cat person afterwards? 😉 She picked Canada because she’s never been here, and once she saw a documentary of Vancouver she thought to herself ‘wow, I have to go!’. Understandable. 😉
While here Maria wants to take as much with her as she can. At home she’s a plant mom to many babies which she hopes survive in her absence. Other than gardening she likes to colour and meet friends.

Hannah is form Germany as well, near Cologne and is volunteering at a pre-school here. Back home she studies to become an elementary schoolteacher while she also works at a day care and as a babysitter, quite busy! The subjects she’ll be teaching are German, English and Math (which is her favourite out of the three). She picked Canada because the landscape fascinated her and she always wanted to come. Unfortunately she’s only here for one month because it’s her vacation time. That means she wants to do as much as possible and she’s flexible about all the activities that Vancouver has to offer! A few things she loves are horseback riding, going to the gym and hiking, I’d say she’s in the perfect place for that! Vancouver has so many beautiful trails for hiking, biking or riding! I’m sure she’ll have an amazing four weeks exploring the area. 🙂

Paolo from Brussels in Belgium will be gaining some work experience in Digital Marketing while he’s here. In his home country he studies for his Bachelor in Business Management with focus on Marketing which he will finish once he’s back after four months in Vancouver. He’s a nature lover which is one of the reasons he picked Canada. He told me that he’s traveled a lot in the US already where his favourite spot was Yellowstone National Park with its big variety of landscapes and wildlife. He’s already seen a black bear, but while he’s in Canada he’d love to see a Grizzly bear and he says the ones on Grouse Mountain don’t count. 😉 Pretty adventurous if you ask me! On top of that Paul would also like to visit the Rockies with Banff and Jasper National Park, I’m sure he can spot a bear up there! Other than discovering nature he also loves to run, ski, play basketball and chess, anyone up for a match? 😉

Helena is a Work and Traveler from Germany who is not up for boring office jobs, or customer service. She’d rather like to get her hands dirty, be active on her job, a good idea for her would be a job at a farm she says. Back home she just finished High School and once she’s back she’ll probably study to become a pharmacist. Now though, she takes the chance to travel for a whole year before focusing on a career. When will she ever be able to do that again, she’s asking herself. That’s a fair question. 🙂 Canada was her top pick because of the vast nature, wildlife and many opportunities. When she first arrived she felt a little overwhelmed, but I mean who can’t relate? Taking the step to go to a foreign country by yourself not knowing what’s going to happen can be scary, but also exciting! It usually takes a few days or even weeks to adjust, that’s totally normal, but then it’ll be all worth it. 🙂 In her free time Helena likes to read phantasy books and to crochet, the coolest thing she made was a mushroom for her friend, she showed me a picture and I really wish I was this handy, it looks amazing!

Next we have Lea from Godoagne in Belgium. She’ll be volunteering at a rescue centre for domestic animals. Before coming to Vancouver she lived in Miami for 6 months, going to school to improve her English. My curiosity was wondering how she liked it and not to my surprise she enjoyed her stay in Miami a lot. The people were friendly, the weather always nice with lots of beautiful beach days and nights well spent with her friends. She thought it was funny that she experienced more people speaking Spanish than English but she likes the Latin music and ambience. To be honest this is going to be hard to top since Vancouver weather is only really nice during the summer months, but I’d say we’ll do our best to make sure she has a great time. We definitely have more nature to offer with the old growth forests, mountains and the rough Pacific Ocean which technically you can still swim in if you dare. 😀 When Lea is back in Belgium she’d like to study Social Work. There’s nothing specific on her bucket list which gives her the chance to be open towards everything Vancouver has to offer and see as much as possible. 🙂 Her Hobbies include going out, reading and watching Anime, her favourite at the time is Demon Slayer.

Last but not least there’s Manon from Liege in Belgium. She already went to school in Vancouver and now it’s time for her to volunteer at a cat sanctuary until she goes back home to study law. What better way to spend time until university starts than hanging out with cats everyday? I guess there’s not much that can top it. She came to Canada because the organization she’s with offered a program in Vancouver and she really liked it. 🙂 She’s already been to Quebec on the East Coast of Canada and mentioned how different the West Coast is. I agree, I think Quebec seems way more European whereas Vancouver has North American charm. Her favourite place to party here is the Cambie on Tuesdays for Latin Night and the Library Square on Thursdays. Looks like she’s been here long enough to know how the Vancouver party scene works. 😉 Since she’s been here for a while she’s already crossed off many things on her bucket list but she still wants to visit quite a few places like Whistler, Grouse Mountain, or Vancouver Island. In her free time as you can tell she likes to party, but she’s also interested in reading, sports, cooking and of course eating the food after. 😀

I’m so excited for you to meet them all at our Pub Night!

Make sure you introduce yourself and see you there. 🙂



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