New ‘Kids’ on the Blog

To no surprise, we have some pretty interesting candidates joining our INTERNeX crew this week! 😉

Let me introduce you to the dream team Lucas (left) and Simon (right), both from France on the finish lines of their dual BBA studies. Simon spent a chunk of time studying in Finland while Lucas was in Dortmund, Germany. Now they are looking to gain some hands-on experience in Canada to refine their knowledge in Business, Finance and Marketing. At first the two wanted to go to the USA because of the country’s strong influence in the world and they just like the States a lot, but there ain’t no INTERNeX in the US which is why ultimately they decided to come to Vancouver, with no regrets. 😉 Their first impression was that the city is beautiful and people are amazingly nice. Plus, Vancouver has North American charm and is still close to the US so they can easily travel around in their free time. Also, the weather in Vancouver is pretty similar to the weather in France, not too cold like the rest of Canada which is another reason why they like it here. I’m sure we can convince them of how cool and underrated Canada actually is compared to the States and make their time here a great one!

While Lucas wants to explore Stanley Park with its large trees and the impressive Lions Gate Bridge, Simon can’t wait to find a place to play basketball which is one of his biggest hobbies, next to music and movies. He enjoys Comedies the most with Deadpool being his favourite movie. Lucas also enjoys watching movies, mostly Marvel and other superhero themed motion pictures. He started playing soccer when he was just 5-6 years old which makes it his main sport to play, but he also likes volleyball, badminton and more. Great that Vancouver offers lots of possibilities, especially in summer. Once back in France they’d like to finish their studies, Simon wants to spend some time with his family and Lucas is eager to find a job and place to live as soon as possible. One thing’s for sure, these guys seem to know what they want and they go for it! 😉

Let’s get to know Mila from Berlin, Germany! While in Vancouver she’ll be volunteering at an animal rescue centre and enjoying her time exploring the city with its mountains all around. Her first thought was that she loves the landscape with city and nature combined. Makes sense since she’s a nature, as well as a city girl. 😉 On her bucket list are seeing the city and ocean, hiking, meeting people, and watching an ice Hockey Game, I think we can arrange that! After finishing High School about half a year ago, she worked at a restaurant which she loved and a home decor store to save some money for her travels and enjoy life without school. She’s been in the US a lot already and now wanted to see Canada after hearing from a lot of people that Vancouver is really beautiful. I can sign that! Plus, the program at the rescue centre sounded very exciting to her. 🙂 After her stay here she’s meeting her best friend in San Francisco for 9 days before it goes back home. In her free time Mila likes to dance, read, hike, watch movies, go horseback riding and most of all to socialize, so make sure to say hi next time you see her. 🙂

I’m excited for you to meet the three at Pub Night.

See you then!


Laura 🙂

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