How was the weekend?

As expected the weather was a blast! It went up to 31 degrees with loads of sun, so of course we took advantage of it.

On Friday we explored more of the beautiful Vancouver, created some social media content for you and enjoyed the great weather. Stay tuned for what’s coming next😉

Saturday morning started calm when we met at the English Bay Beach. After a bunch of INTERNeXers came together we started preparing the beach volleyball field and set up the net. After that ‘hard’ part was finished we just built two teams and finally it was time to play😎. At first we just played around for fun and explained the rules for those who haven’t played yet. As soon as everyone got used to it we started playing our first little match while actually counting the points. All we can tell you is that it was a very close match😉 and that everybody had fun. After that intense match we took a short water break in the ocean where we went for a swim to cool down from the heated game. One thing we have to mention: the water was super cold but at least refreshing. We continued to play a few more rounds but as the time passed by we all got really hungry and decided to grab some food. Luckily there are enough options close to the beach 😍. We decided it’s gonna be a Burrito day. Some more friends and former INTERNeXers joined our group and we decided to switch and explore Sunset Beach. We brought some snacks, drinks and of course a good mood with us. Then, we spotted the perfect place to settle down and enjoy the sun. We also brought some German culture to Canada and played a typical German  card game with an inappropriate name. We definitely used the sunny weather for a perfect beach day and collected some really good memories, but also a sunburn😬.

Now let us tell you more about our weekend event at Lynn Canyon. First of all we definitely have to mention: It was a success. For us it felt like a little school trip 🚌 because nearly half of the group already met on the bus on the way to our meeting point. With a group of 12 people we started the adventure and walked the trail. Our first stop was the Twin Falls Bridge which has an amazing view over the waterfalls. We continued our hike with beautiful nature, the sound of the waterfalls and a lot of stairs. Next destination was the suspension bridge which was so stunning but very crowded, followed by the highlight of our hike: the 30 ft pool. As fast as we dipped our feet in the water they came out again. Yes, that’s how freezing cold it was! Some of us were brave enough and did some cliff jumps (tbh there are bigger and smaller rocks to jump off😉). We did an open end event so everybody had the opportunity to stay there, go for another hike, or do whatever they wanted to do. Most of us decided to go home, so we took the same bus and our fun ‘school trip’ came to an end.

We definitely recommend that beautiful hike. What about your weekend? Let us know more about it at the upcoming Pub Night this Wednesday!

Anna & Chiara 🙂

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