New ‘Kid’ on the Blog

I know it’s been quiet for a while, but finally we have a new candidate becoming part of our crew again! The first new ‘kid’ in 2023 is Julia from Belgium. 🙂

She’s here for Work and Travel after finishing High School in a city near Brussels, but Vancouver is not her first stop in Canada, she’s already been to Toronto for 4 months before coming to the West Coast Best Coast. 😉 Her city back home is quite small so she loved experiencing the contrast of the North American metropole. Now she can combine it with the vast nature Vancouver has to offer which is also one of the reasons why she chose Canada for her journey.

Her ideal job here would be working with children, but it’s not always easy to find a job in a specific area since there are many regulations. So, if that doesn’t work out, she’ll maybe look for something in the service industry. In Belgium she already gained some experience as a server. When she goes back home she’s thinking about studying to become a kindergarten teacher, but for now Julia is excited about exploring BC, for example she told me that she’d like to go skiing in Whistler and hike up some mountains once the snow melts in spring.

She’s also looking for opportunities to practice sports since one of her Hobbies is Triathlon, so if you have any recommendations send them her way, same as good crêpe or waffle places because she has a sweet tooth. 😉

Before going back home she might make a stop in Montreal to visit the French speaking part of the country. Of course she’ll have no issues there with French being her mother-tongue.
We’re happy to have her here and I can’t wait for you to meet her.

See you at Pub Night!


Laura 🙂

Hejdå friends!

So it’s time to say goodbye as I only have a few days left of this week which happened to be my last in Canada before I fly back home to Sweden. My sixteen weeks here have been great, a time full of new impressions and experiences, laughter and adventures and not a day has passed without me singing of joy, haha. 😉 If you know, you know, I sing melodies when I’m happy. 😉 The longer I stayed in Vancouver, the more I fell in love with this city. In the beginning it was a lot to take in, I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t used to the ‘Big City’ life at all, but I’ve experienced so many new things, gone on many trips and I’ve met so many new people who’ve become my friends. I know we will meet again somewhere in the world in the near future. Thank you for making my stay in Canada the best! 🙂

The trip to the Rocky Mountains, which was also my Kick-off event with the INTERNeX-family was an awesome four-day trip with an amazing group experiencing Canada’s incredible nature together. Such a great start of my Internship as a PR-coordinator at INTERNeX and I got a lot of new experiences that turned out to be the best ones ever. Definitely one of my many highlights 🙂

Hiking the Grouse Grind, a trail that is 2,5km long and has 2830 stairs, was another of my highlight events. It was such a great day of hiking, a bit challenging but absolutely worth it. If you are looking for trails near Vancouver with a beautiful view and wildlife I highly recommend this one. Vancouver in general has it all – city-life, mountains, forests, ocean and all the activities that come with it 🙂

Last but not least I have to tell you about the four-day trip to Vancouver Island, including Tofino and Victoria. During this trip we experienced a bunch of things such as stargazing and bonfire on the beach, whale watching, we went to the Long Beach where they filmed scenes of the first movie of The Twilight Saga which was so cool!! I also got the chance to feel the sea for the first time (it was dark outside and I was a little too close to the water so the waves hit my legs, haha, me in a nutshell) but it was such a great, happy moment. 😉

I also had the chance to coordinate the last monthly trip of the year: a three-day trip to Whistler. What a challenge, but I’m so happy we managed to go there in their peak-season. I definitely gained new coordinating skills and I really love how just a few thoughts turn into reality – this ski/outdoor-trip was a great end of my stay and I will live long on this one. 🙂

I must say that there was way more that brought value to my time in Vancouver than these trips, I’ve grown both professionally and personally and I have to thank the INTERNeX- family for that. I can’t wait where the next adventure will take me. 🙂 

You know what else is great? It’s Pub Night tonight, let’s party and say goodbye! 😉 



New ‘Kids’ on the blog

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing new candidates to the INTERNeX family.

Starting with Maja. She’s 19 years old from Germany. She just finished high school and worked as an assistant at a logistics centre in the field of goods delivery before she decided to travel to Canada. During her time here in Vancouver, she will be volunteering in a business association with duties in public engagement. So cool! 🙂 I asked her why she decided to come to Canada and she answered that it was mostly because of the combination of the big city and nature. Vancouver is surrounded by mountains and we are lucky to call it our backyard and her first impression of Vancouver is a little different from back home as the city offers its people a lot to see and to do. I am sure you will experience a lot of new things during your time here 🙂

What’s on her bucket list? Definitely go on a hike. She says she wants to explore the Capilano Suspension Bridge and I can strongly recommend a visit while it’s still winter because of its lights. Then she mentioned that she wants to go to Grouse Mountain and Lynn Canyon 🙂 After her time here in Canada she plans to study three years within Media & Communication at a University in Leipzig. Hobbies? She played handball for twelve years and she likes to read books – especially romantic ones, she started reading a new book on the flight to Vancouver called ‘Maybe Someday’ – thanks for the recommendation 🙂 Favourite food? Pasta, so I recommend trying out the ‘old spaghetti factory’ located in Gastown 🙂 

Next we have Nicole. She’s 21 years old from England. She’s been living near a town called Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch in Wales for 4 years (I love that name, you should ask her how to pronounce it) and she is now here in Vancouver where she will be volunteering at Stanley Park for six months to gain international experience as a part of her studies in Zoology and Animal Science. She has been in Canada before as she has worked summers in Ontario and we are so happy to have her here with us on the west coast. At first she planned to go to Costa Rica but ended up in Canada, mostly because of Canada’s nature, wildlife, and ecosystem and I won’t forget to mention she is really passionate about bouldering where she has about nine years of experience and about one year ago she started doing outdoor climbing. So cool! If you like bouldering/climbing you now know who to ask. I’m sure there are more here who want to learn a new sport 🙂

I asked her what her first impression of Vancouver is and she says it’s a really nice mix between city and nature, especially how nature surrounds the city. When she arrived in Vancouver, it started snowing the next day so she has already experienced a typical intense “Vancouver weather” – sunshine one day and rain or snow the next. 🙂

Bucket list? Bouldering is her passion and Canada has one of the best practices when it comes to outdoor climbing. She wants to explore Vancouver Island and visit a friend of hers who lives in Victoria. She wants to learn more about Indigenous history and she wants to experience snow skiing because she has water skied before, so this winter will be great to try downhill skiing :)Plans after Canada? Going back to graduate and looking for a job in zoology. She will travel wherever the new job takes her, so cool!! 🙂 Favourite food? Sushi and Paella. Last but not least: have you heard that she knows a large number of different languages? Here are some of them: English (mother tongue), Spanish, German, Welsh, French, Maori – simple words and she also tried to learn Hindi.

We are so happy to have both of them here with us. Meet them at next week’s Pub Night and get to know them a little bit better 🙂



New ‘Kid’ on the blog

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing and welcoming Imran. He is 21 years old from Dublin, Ireland and we are so happy to have him here with us 🙂

He recently arrived in Vancouver and plan to stay here as long as possible as he got a two year work and holiday visa. Later in spring he plans to start an internship to gain new experiences of working abroad. He also told me that he just graduated from University in Dublin where he studied for three years. Why Canada? He says he has family living in Toronto, they have been living there over ten years and he had a great chance to visit Canada more than once and explore Toronto. He has always wanted to see what the western side of Canada looks like and today he’s living here in Vancouver. Life is an adventure for sure! 

I asked him if he has anything on his bucket list while he is here and he says he’d like to go ski in the mountains and to see the Rocky Mountains and explore as much as possible. Hobbies? He likes to play Playstation 5 and he played Rugby for about 6 years but he had to stop due to injuries. He likes to hang out with friends and party, lucky you since Vancouver is known for having some really great nightclubs, you should check them out! 🙂

Last but not least, many of you might be wondering what his favourite food is and its Chicken wings! Vancouver has a lot to offer when it comes to food, so make sure you go out on an empty stomach 😉

We really hope he will have a great time here in Vancouver and Canada, but I am pretty sure he will 🙂

Let’s meet him and get to know him better at tonight’s Pub Night!



New ‘kid’ on the blog

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing and welcoming a new candidate to our INTERNeX family. Let me introduce him to you:

This is Nikolai, he is 19 year old from Germany and he has recently finished high school and plans to do a dual studies within economics and logistics next fall. He arrived in Vancouver a week ago and plans to move to the Rocky Mountains next week where he will work at a ski-resort during the winter season. A winter in the Rockies must be so much fun – many hours of skiing in a magical world among forest, snow and all the crazy adventures that comes with it. He says he always wanted to explore more of Canada because he has already been here before for three weeks on a road trip last summer and now he saw great opportuniities to come back to experience a work & travel programme, especially now during winter since Canada is known to have a lot of snow in the mountains and he loves to ski. Canada is the place to be, right? We are so happy to have him here with us 🙂

I asked him what his first impression of Vancouver is so far and he says Vancouver is a really nice city and it was such a relief to come here because it feels like home. Last time he was here in Vancouver he experienced Stanley Park on a bike and he really likes the city-life here. 

What’s on your bucket list? He says it would be cool to experience Heli-Ski, which means you take your skis on a helicopter ride and they drop you off somewhere in the mountains where you can go off-piste to another destination, so cool! He also says he wants to ‘go with the flow’ and enjoy the time while he’s here Canada. I ask him what his hobbies are and he says he likes skiing and rock climbing/bouldering – doing what he love the most in a great enviroment together with friends. When I asked him what his favourite food is he replied that he loves rosemary potatoes with salmon and salad. After Canada he plans to work in Germany for a while and then travel to Asia before studies begins next fall. 

We really hope that he will have a great time here in Canada, but I’m pretty sure he’ll have his best time ever 🙂 Let’s meet him at tonight’s Pub Night!