What to do on the Weekend

As this weekend the weather might not be as nice as in the past weekends, you might want to consider doing some indoor activities for once.
On Sunday it’s time to go out with the INTERNeX crew once again! And this week, we’ll visit a place, representing one of the most outstanding events in Canada in the last years. The Olympic games in 2010.
Especially here in British Columbia people are very proud of hosting this special occasion and since we are living here it might be very interesting to gather some knowledge about it. Or do you already know who Miga, Quaschi and Sumi are?! No? Let me help you out here. Those are the three mascots of the 2010 games, everyone representing a special animal living in BC and therefore giving attention to those very special species. 
And just besides those general facts, I am pretty sure most of you haven’t taken part in any olympic games so far, no offence! So this is the best part about this weekends event! The Olympic Experience provides simulators of different sports, where you can actually try out how it feels to do Ski-jumping or even bobsleigh races and many more! Make sure to get your ticket before the time. The Link for the tickets is to be found in the regarding Facebook event. If you don’t have Facebook, feel free to reach out to us! 
Obviously there will be enough stuff to do on the rest of the weekend as well!
If you want to be very spontaneous you might still join Justin Timberlake concert today at the Rogers Arena. Tickets are still on sale and available for about $50.
For those of you, who already want to start their Christmas Shopping, might want to take a look at the Christmas Craft Fair happening on Saturday, November 16. Taking place at the South Arm Community Centre in Richmond. Especially since the INTERNeX Christmas Party is coming up, including a secret Santa, this might be a good shot to get your present sorted out already.
I hope you are having a great weekend and see you on Sunday!
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What to do on the weekend?

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome our all-time favourite days of the week: Saturday and Sunday aka the weekend! And this time Monday is joining the club of the free days! Yes, you read it right, we are having an extra-long weekend. In case you do not know yet how to spend those days, let me inspire you.

From Saturday until Monday, you can go to the BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum to celebrate the 8th anniversary of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Play ping pong, get a photo where you can hold a real 2010 Olympic Torch or do rock climbing, there are enough sports-related activities to do. The BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum is open from 10am until 5pm and all weekend, you can get 50% off admission.

During the whole weekend, it is also possible for you to show off your ice skating skills on the outdoor ice rink at Robson Square (corner of Robson Street and Howe) from 9am until 11pm. It is free to do so, and if you cannot bring your own skates, you can rent a pair there for around $5, cash payment only!

Feel more like visiting a museum? Then I can advise you to go to the Museum of Vancouver to discover Vancouver’s history. The admission is free on Monday, 12th February and the museum is open from 10am until 5pm.

Have a nice, relaxing and fun weekend, no matter what you do! Personally, I am looking forward to our weekend trip to Kelowna!

And do not forget, the INTERNeX office is closed from Friday, 9th until Monday, 12th February.

– Nadine

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INTERNeX Goes Whistler!

This Friday I will give some information on our next big trip in the end of this month. On the 29th of November, INTERNeX in cooperation with West Trek is going on a three day trip to Whistler! Ski or board or sight-see all day… party all night!!!

The West Trek team has been in the tour business for over ten years and we love to work with them, when going on trips. Their work makes these tours unforgettable and we always have so much fun. Together with them, we try hard to give you a unique experience, while helping you create memories and friendships that last a lifetime!

Whistler is one of B.C.s famous tourist destinations all year long. And during the winter month you can ski and board where international athletes competed during the 2010 Olympic Winter games. This tour is designed to get you to the mountain, set you up with rentals or lessons, and have you skiing and snowboarding as quickly as possible!

Whatever you want to do during the trip, you just need to let us know. Whether you want to ski, or board, or sight see. Whether you want to relax in a hot tub, go out partying, or enjoy a dinner cooked with friends. All this and more will be possible, if you come along with us.

Take a look on Facebook and register there or come to the office and let us know what you want to sign up for. Stay tuned for more details and don’t miss this awesome opportunity!



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INTERNeX Canada: Vancouver facts!

What do you know about Vancouver?

Read further to find some more fun and interesting facts about Vancouver.


  •  Established by Captain George Vancouver in 1886.
  • Situated at an altitude of 71m/236ft.
  • Population: 603,502 (growing at a steady rate of 3%)
  • More than 35% of the population of Vancouver is foreign born.
  • Vancouver has the highest per capita proportion of Asians of any North American city.
  • A resident of Vancouver is called a Vancouverite.
  • Ranked one of the most liveable cities in the world and one of the 10 cleanest cities on the world.
  • It is the largest city in the province of British Columbia
  • The third largest city in Canada after Toronto and Montreal.
  • Largest film production center in North America after Los Angeles and New York City.
  • Port of Vancouver is the largest in Canada (and second in North America)
  • The 2010 Winter Olympics and 2010 Winter Paralympics were also held in this beautiful city.
  • Vancouver hosts one of the country’s largest annual gay pride parades.
  • Vancouver is the birthplace of the one of the world’s largest environmental organizations, called Greenpeace.
  • There are three ski hills in Vancouver: Grouse Mountain, Mount Seymour and Cypress Mountain.

I hope you are having a great weekend.



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INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend?

Last weekend Mercedes and I went to Whistler, an amazing ski resort near to Vancouver, where the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games took place. We passed two incredible days enjoying the authentic taste of the Canadian nature.  I already knew that Canada had incredible woods, but, believe me, you need to go there to see it by yourself.

First, we stopped in the Shannon Falls (at Shannon Falls Provincial Park)to see the third highest falls in the province of BC. The place, as you can see in the photos, is very beautiful. There was a lot of families having a picnic day and playing sports.

Then, we arrived at the HI-Hotel. We had a BBQ during de sundown with enormous burgers (really, the best hamburger I never tasted), Canadians beers, and a great company.

Afterwards, we went to Moe Joe’s, one of the most famous clubs in the village. There was a pool table and a dance floor with DJs. Mercedes and I spent the night dancing and jumping with the other people.

But the next morning, we didn’t have time for sleep, because we had to take a bus to do trekking. Do you know something about trekking? Well, we didn’t. Somebody told us something about to be hanging from a cord. Ouch… I was a little scared. All my life I have been afraid of heights. Mercedes was very happy; she is braver than me. But, believe, was one of the best things I’ve never done! Hanging so high, gliding so fast, among the enormous trees, with the beautiful forest under your feet…you can feel like flying!


Finally, we went to the village to eat something and take the bus. We were so tired but very happy. In Vancouver, we came back to our houses with the feeling that we were we were in love with Canada more than ever.

Thanks to the organizers to invite us! If you want to go to Whistler, please contact with our PR Team!





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INTERNeX Explorer: Cypress Mountain

Since we are going up to Cypress this Saturday for a day of skiing and snowboarding, I thought it would be very interesting to get to know a little bit about the resort! Here is a bit of background history of the Cypress Mountain Ski area, so let’s take a small tour of the biggest moments of this resort shall we?

This story begins way back in the 1800’s, sounds so ancient doesn’t it? During this time, in the late 1800’s, the resort was just a big mountain named Vaughen with lot’s of trees.  After the mountain was logged and paths were created, in 1912, it was renamed as  “Hollyburn Mountain” by a Botanist John Davidson. Then fast forwarding to the year 1932, Roland D. Brewis, West Vancouver resident, built a ski camp on the shores of West Lake.  The camp was then sold to the Burfield family, who renamed it Hollyburn Ski Lodge. Then in 1963, a tragic accident of the Canadian Forces T-33 training jet that crashed into Mt. Strachan left a mark at Cypress. The plane wreckage remained there along with a plaque in memory of the two men who perished in crash. Finally in 1984,  Burfield sold the lodge to Cypress Bowl Recreations Ltd which later became know as  the first ski resort in BC to allow snowboarding! In the year 2002, Cypress was chosen as the host for 2010 Winter Olympic Games as well as the Official Freestyle Skiing and Snowboard venue for the Olympic. During 2008, they opened Cypress Creek Lodge which included restaurants and ski stores. And of course, in 2010, the Official Freestyle Skiing and Snowboard Venue of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games was held at Cypress Mountain!

Here are some other interesting facts about Cypress:

  • only 30 minute drive from Downtown, Vancouver
  • named after the bowl between the three mountains, Mt. Strachan, Black Mountain, and Hollyburn Mountain, which is known as “Cypress Bowl”
  • the word “Cypress” comes from Yellow Cedar tree

For more historical moments of the Cypress Mountain, check it out here on their website! And since you know a little bit more about this ski area, why not come see it for yourself? This Saturday we will be going skiing/snowboarding at Cypress, so join us on our Facebook event page! See you all there 🙂



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New rafting trip to Whistler 24th-26th of July

You can’t spend all your time in Vancouver! You have to see some of the wildlife to!

Whistler is located just a few hours north of Vancouver and is Canada’s largest tourist resort. Whistler will host the 2010 Winter Olympics but of course Whistler has a lot to offer during the summer e.g. rafting, hiking or bald eagle viewing and a great nightlife.

The Greyhound leaves from Pacific Central Station Friday the 24th of July 1PM and arrives in Whistler Village 2, 45 hours later. Make sure to be on time, since the Greyhound doesn’t wait.

We’ll stay at INTERNeX staff house just 15-20 minutes from the village. In the evening we’ll have a nice barbeque together.

Deerhorn outside

On Saturday we’ll go rafting with Wedge Rafting so get ready to get wet and have fun. The Green River tour is 2.5 hour long with over I hour on the water. Time off water is for scenic drive, instruction with professional guides and suiting up. This tour has spectacular scenery and fun rapids. It’s suitable for first timers.


In the evening it’s time to hit the night club. We are on the list for a night club in the Village.

The Greyhound will depart on Sunday at 4.35PM so there is time for those who wants’ to explore Whistler on their own.

Whistler -sandra 020

Whistler Package: $199

•    Green River rafting with Wedge Rafting
•    Accommodation,  two nights in shared room
•    Greyhound round trip
•    BBQ night
•    Breakfast
•    Local bus tickets

Times might change

For more info, please contact Liza
office phone:  604 662 8149
E-mail: liza@internexcanada.com