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Today it’s 7/11 day, which means free slurpee at the 7/11 stores! Don’t worry if you do not have time to get their today the 7/11 day is extended to a 7/11 week. Keep on reading to see what free food/drinks 7/11 has for you the next week!

7/11 celebrates the 7/11 day on the 7th of July with free slurpee drinks from 11am – 7pm. For some of you this will be already over once you read this post, but no worries. 7/11 day is turning into a 7/11 week. By downloading the 7/11 app you can enjoy the whole week free food/drinks at 7/11.

Saturday 12th: Big Glup
Sunday 13th: M&M’s Birthday cake chocolate candies
Monday 14th: Grandma’s cookies
Tuesday 15th: Hostess twinkles
Wednesday 16th: Twix or Snickers ice cream bar
Thursday 17th: Quaker Chewy yogurt snack bar
Friday 18th: Pillsbury Cookies
Starurday 19th: Small slurpee

The app can be found here:

Enjoy your Slurpee! 

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INTERNeX Canada: Smart Saver Vancouver

Sadly, every day is not our birthday. But when it is, did you know that you can get so much free stuff around Vancouver? And maybe you know someone has a birthday coming up, why not celebrate it and take them around to get freebies?

So here is a list of some places that give you things for FREE, yeah for free…all because it’s your birthday 🙂

Dairy Queen – Get a coupon for a B1G1 “treat”. Join the Blizzard Fan Club.

The Keg –If it’s your birthday that day, mention it to the waiter/waitress and you will get a free slice of Billy Miner pie.

Marble Slab – free ice cream on your birthday!

Red Robin – Free burger on your birthday. Join the E-Club.

Booster Juice – Free regular smoothie on your birthday. Join Booster Nation Club.

7-11 – Free small slurpee on your birthday

Orange Julius – Free premium fruit smoothie or Julius fruit drink

Starbucks – Use your Starbucks card and get a free drink on your birthday. Get your Starbucks card.

IHOP – Free Rootie Tootie Fresh ‘n Fruity (get on their email list to receive an email certificate to get it for free!)

So the next time you’re out in Vancouver on your birthday, or someone else’s birthday, now you know where to snag some great stuff!



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