Victoria – Trip

A new month means another overnight stay. Since the sun is out and the flowers are blossomed it is time to visit the capital of BC, Victoria.

We will leave for Victoria on Saturday 26th of July at 7am from Waterfront and will take the public transport to the ferry terminal in Tsawwassern. From there we will hop on the ferry and continue or travel to Victoria. In Victoria we will firstly check-inn our hostel from where we than well explore Victoria.

Victoria is the provincial capital of BC and second largest city after Vancouver. Victoria is located on Vancouver Island which is rated as the top island in the Continental US and Canada and is voted as one of the top ten islands in the world in 2012 by the Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards. Victoria is a combination of heritage architecture, colourful gardens and many outdoor activities as well as culinary experiences and a vibrant art and culture scene.

We will end our night with some drinks in one of Tim’s recommended pubs. The next morning we will have some more time to explore Victoria and who wants can join one of the many outdoor activities, such as kayaking, sup or biking. We will start or return in the late afternoon and will be back in Vancouver around 9-ish.

This fun trip will be exclusive for INTERNeX and will cost you just $90, which includes the accommodation and the ferry. This means that the cost for the public transportation in Vancouver and Victoria is not included, however we hope you understand that you can use your monthly pass for this or a zone 1 ticket since it is in the weekend. The bus in Victoria from the ferry terminal to the accommodation will be $2.50 each way, so please make sure you have this in coins.

We hope many of you will join us for this fun trip to the beautiful Victoria. If you have any further question, do not hesitate to ask us!!

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INTERNeX Canada: SmartSaver Vancouver

As most young travelers we all try to spend as little money as we can so we are able to go to more places. A hostel, as we all know, is a great opportunity for us to save on accommodation. HI is the world’s largest budget accommodation network that helps us to keep our money where it belongs – in our pockets. But beside the low prices they always offer, there is a special treat for hostel bookers right here in BC. You shouldn’t miss the chance to visit beautiful Whistler and stay in the HI-Whistler.

Not only is the hostel brand-new and chic, the house has a special history as it was originally used as part of the Whistler Athletes’ Village during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games! This hostel has amazing facilities including an onsite café, a large self-catering kitchen, and a BBQ on the deck. Additionally, there is a TV lounge, fireplace and free pool table – great place to spend your evenings at no cost. More free things are Wi-Fi access, on-site parking and an equipment storage for bikes in summer and snowboards in winter.

But there is more for your low-cost stay in Whistler! Get more free entertainment with the hostel’s free movie nights and popcorn or stretch in yoga classes after a hard day in the mountains. HI Whistler offers their guests even more cheap and discounted activities that can be booked at the front desk. They have it all: from Whistler Brewing Company Tours to zip lining, from club crawls to sport equipment renting!

You can save even more on activities, transportation and overnight rates with an HI membership! Check out their discount partners that even include bungee jumping! Memberships can be now purchased at the INTERNeX office!
SPECIAL NOW! For INTERNeX candidates HI Whistler offers an exclusive deal: get $8 off a private room and $4 off a multi-share for up to 2 nights! Just pick up the vouchers at the INTERNeX office and save in Whistler! Use this summer to see Whistler – the vouchers are valid until September 30th 2012.
For more information and other awesome activities and deals take a look at the HI Whistler website!



Your PR-Team

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INTERNeX Canada: Exposé of the week with Maria

Today our person of the week is Maria. She is from Germany and came to Canada to attend language school and do an internship in order to gain some international experience. Her trip to Canada, which has lasted for two month, is coming to an end this week. Half of her time in Vancouver she spent as an intern right at INTERNeX being part of the PR Team!

Why did you choose Canada?
With INTERNeX I found the only organization that offered such short internships. Since I have a job at home I could go abroad for 2 month only. So I had the choice between Canada and New Zealand. I picked Canada because everybody goes to New Zealand and I wanted to do something different. That’s why I am in Canada!

What do you like most about Canada and Vancouver?
I love that Canadians are so friendly! They help you with whatever you need, for example, ask you if you need help when you are just looking on your map in the city. I think Vancouver is good place to live. I liked the mix of mountains and ocean, the nightlife was great, there are a lot of different cultures.

What trips did you do in your free time? Did you join INTERNeX trips?
Oh my god, there were so many activities. We saw the Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver, biked around Stanley Park, had a tour through Rogers Centre. I went shopping in Seattle and watch the “Dragon Ball” canoe race in Deep Cove. With INTERNeX we went to the Rockies during the Easter holidays and I joined INTERNeX ice skating and go-karting. Pub Nights were also fun, it was a different event every Wednesday. One time it is a pool game, another time you do karaoke or watch a hockey game.

What is the most memorable thing you did in Canada?
For me it was the trip to the Rocky Mountains! The whole tour was fun: the nature was impressive, my roommates were awesome on this trip and we are really close friends now, even the bus ride was a lot of fun.

Is your internship useful for your education or career at home?
Definitely. First, I improved my English, which is always useful. Especially business English is necessary for my career in Germany. Second, the work I did during the internship is beneficial for my job at home. I work in the communication sector, so PR experience is very helpful.

What kind of tasks are you responsible for on daily basis?
I helped with everything t in the INTERNeX PR department. For example, I participated in promotion and organization of events as well as in cooperation with our partners. The biggest part of the job was social media, so I wrote blogs and newsletters. I also did welcome orientations for new candidates and even designed a new presentation for specific locations in the Rocky Mountains.

What was the best think about your internship?
The best thing is that I got to go on trips that I organized. The best one was our INTERNeX Zipcar trip where we had the chance to explore Vancouver by car. We saw many interesting places – we had lunch on Granville Island and coffee and ice-cream in Ikea, Richmond, we stopped at Queen Elizabeth Park and on the beach! It was basically a day off.

Why did you choose INTERNeX International Exchange?
They work together with a German company where I booked my trip. So INTERNeX provided me with a package of language school and internship in Canada. The best thing is that they have good ideas for internships and can organize everything from job to homestay!

Would you recommend INTERNeX International Exchange?
Yes I would, everything was fun with them. I didn’t have to think about accommodation or finding a work placement on my own. You can always ask somebody if you have problems. With their help I had more time to relax and explore Vancouver.

Thanks a lot, Maria, for the interview and for being part of our INTERNeX PR Team!  It was amazing to work with you!


INTERNeX International Exchange
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Smart Saver Vancouver

Today’s version of our Smart Saver Vancouver is about an online service that can help you to find an apartment based on your lifestyle. Please feel free to watch this promo video and for more information visit their website

Smart Saver Vancouver

Today I would like to introduce a great new online service, called RentGeek. A service that can help you find a place to live in Vancouver. The system is easy, you provide RentGeek with some information about yourself and RentGeek will show you available accommodation possibilities, based on your preferences. If you, for example, like movies, the system will show you neighborhoods where a cinema would be close to your new apartment.

Please read here what they say about themselves.

RentGeek – Home Renting Made Simple
Moving to another city can be overwhelming. Everything becomes new to you such as culture, people, and places.  The first part of the transition is looking for a home. Being unfamiliar with the city can make finding an apartment or home for rent a challenge. Questions such as which neighborhoods are safe, closest to hotspots and the nearest public transit are difficult to know if you’re not from the city.

RentGeek is a personalized rental site that helps answer these questions. You can think of them as a local friend who knows your lifestyle and can safely recommend you areas that would fit your needs. You complete a fun and easy survey that allows RentGeek to understand your profile to recommend appropriate neighborhoods that matches your requirements. Whether it’s determining the commute times, or the areas with the best nightlife, RentGeek computes the analytics to find you the perfect area.

Recognizing that neighborhood information can be overwhelming, they display relevant information while hiding the rest.   The site provides data on demographic statistics, traveling times, local reviews and neighborhood info including safety scores.  All of the data is pulled organically through reliable government sites and sources.  The best part is that the site displays everything in a clean and slick layout. Once you’ve determined your neighborhood, you can continue searching for apartments and homes for rent. The personalized information is continued through the search and RentGeek helps you rate each listing based on your lifestyle needs for an easy comparison.

The company’s goal is to provide the best user-experience and to make renting simple.  Let’s face it, we’ve all been through the frustration of the rental process, and it shouldn’t be this hard.  RentGeek hopes to help individuals coming from around the world a simple way to understand a city without being here and make a smart moving decision.

#382- 440 West Hastings St.
Vancouver, BC  V6B 1L1