What to do on the weekend?

Before I tell you about any potential plans for the weekend, I would like to share the best news with you: WE HAVE A THREE-DAY-WEEKEND AHEAD! 🎉 Since Canada Day is on a Sunday this year, the Canadians decided to have the Monday off. Isn’t that amazing? 😀 So, I now have to cover three days of free time. 7510330800_fdb23aed9e_n

Starting off with Saturday:
Just looking at the forecast, this seems to be quite a grey day. But nevertheless, fun activities can definitely be found in Vancouver. Did you think about going to the cinema? There are a lot of good movies to watch right now:

• Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Science Fiction/Action/Adventure)
• The Incredibles 2 (Superhero Fiction/Adventure/Comedy)
• Deadpool 2 (Fantasy/Science Fiction/Superhero/Action)
• I Feel Pretty (Comedy)
• Despicable Me 3 (Science Fiction/Adventure/Comedy)
• Darken (Fantasy/Science Fiction)
• Overboard (Romance/Comedy)
• The First Purge (Fantasy/Crime/Science Fiction/Horror)

You don’t feel like going to the cinema and want some action for yourself instead? What about Go-Karting? Speed along the race course and compete against your friends. The indoor place can be found here and has a lot more fun games to offer besides go-karting. In case you want to get even more active, you could head to a climbing gym and get your adrenaline pumping while reaching the top. In The Hive you can get to your limit – no matter if you are a newbie, expert or somewhere in between.

I do not have to tell you what to do on this precious day! Each and every year, since 1917, we celebrate the Birth of Canada in 1867. 🇨🇦️ This year it’s the 151th birthday and all of you should participate. There is a lot to celebrate: Aren’t you happy to be here? Aren’t you pleased by this beautiful country? Aren’t you embracing the easy, yet exciting lifestyle over here? I bet you are. But where to celebrate it best? The biggest celebration will take place at Canada Place. 🎆 But you will find smaller events on Granville Island, in Burnaby, in Surrey and basically all over Vancouver.

8262151914_5eea36c8ea_nIt’s the last day of the weekend already and I’d advise you to take it slow and relax a little. Fortunately, not everyone is as lazy as I am, so for those active among you, here are some tips for the perfect ending of the long weekend: How about some more action at a Paintball combat with your friends? Grab them and head out to North Vancouver where you can get another adrenaline-kick. If you want the rather “light” version, you can play Archery Tag in Richmond. You won’t get hurt, but it’s the same amount of fun!

Have the greatest weekend, guys. I’m looking forward to seeing you on Sunday for the Canada Day celebration at Canada Place!

– Elisabeth

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PuB NiGHT Announcement

Ever wondered how it would be like to change places with one of those video game characters in first-person shooters?
Well then, join us for Laser Tag tomorrow! Instead of going to a bar we’ll be playing Laser Tag at Planet Lazer in Richmond. Their arena has 3 levels with a total of 16,000 square feet making it the largest Laser Tag arena in all of North America. It has even won several awards for best designed and best interactive arena.

We’ll be meeting at 6.30pm this Wednesday, August 19th in front of Waterfront Station.
From there we’ll take the SkyTrain down to Richmond Bridgeport Station and take Bus 401 or 403 (depending which one we’ll get) to Planet Lazer.

The arena has weekly specials and Wednesday is the pay-one-get-one-free day. That means we can play 2 games for 9$. Every game is 20 minutes long but be warned it can get quite exhausting. Still we’ll try to get in 4 games, so make sure to wear comfortable clothing. Closed shoes and a T-Shirt would be best (no tank tops!) and bring something to drink as well. We don’t want anyone to become dehydrated.

It will be lots of fun and we hope to see many of you there!



Your PR Team
Natasja & Amiel

INTERNeX Canada: What to do on the weekend?

The weekend is finally here! If you haven’t been able to get out of the house because of the horrible weather, this weekend is finally your chance! I checked the weather forecast and they said it’s suppose to be mixed sun and clouds tomorrow. So what are you waiting for? I’ve got a list of fun things you can do this weekend.

Call of Paintball!

Have you ever imagined yourself  fighting battles in call of duty? Well you’ll get to experience this tomorrow when we go paintballing! This game will have you pumped and full of adrenaline as you run for your life and dodging. And you’ll be shot at for sure…but don’t worry, it’s just paint 😉 I can’t wait!

Late Night Movies at Rio Theater!

Bored of just watching movies at home? Why not go out for late night movie at Rio? Plus you get to DRINK! This place is an independent art and movie house and they even have a full service bar up and running so you must be 19+. All screenings are at 11:00 pm. Tickets are available online in advance or at the door for $8 or $6 if you come in costume. Tonight, they are playing Blue Velvet, and next Friday they are playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 😀

Take a walk at Stanley Park (maybe go on the Easter train ride?)

Why not take a stroll down Stanley Park? This giant park is great for outdoor adventures, there is always something going on. And on a sunny day, it’s even better! You can watch birds like the blue heron or just simply watch the beautiful scenic view in the sun. OR better yet, why not hop on the Easter train ride? You might feel out of place with all the small children, but hey, everyone is a child at heart 😉

Have a great weekend everybody!



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INTERNeX Canada: Upcoming events!

I hope every one enjoyed St. Patrick’s day! Too bad it’s back to work and the boring stuff….wait, just kidding! Seriously, the fun is not over, so let’s see what we are doing this week:


Ever played call of duty? Paintball is so much fun because it give you that adrenaline rush and of course you get to attack your friends with paintball. Got beef with someone in the group? This is your chance to show them who’s BOSS. Practice your aiming skills, use your friends as targets, and have the best time of your life this Saturday! So join us for an afternoon game of paintball. For more information about paintball, check out their site here.

When: Saturday March 23 Afternoon

Where: North Vancouver

Click here for more information about pricing, time, location, etc. (to be updated through out the week) & don’t forget to join 😉 

ROCKIES Easter Weekend Edition 2013!!!

Rocky MountainsTime has gone by so quickly, because we leave for the Rockies next Friday! I am so excited for this long weekend trip, I just can’t wait to get out of Vancouver and just be surrounded by all the beautiful mountains!! We will be leaving next Friday March 29th and coming back home on Monday April 1st. As for exact times, location, etc. that information will be updated on the Facebook event page closer to the date.

IMPORTANT: Today is the last day to register for the trip so if you can’t make it to the office today, please let me know and we can figure something out.

Click here to join our Facebook event for the Rockies trip (more information will be updated on that page).

And of course, we will be having our awesome pub night this Wednesday (check back tomorrow for more information! 😀



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INTERNeX Canada: Picture of the week

This weekend, the INTERNeX gang took to battle. Our picture of the week is of the fearless group who fought it out on the battlefield… you do not want to mess with them!

This event was a huge success and everyone loved the action and adrenaline so we are going to be sure to plan more events like this one.

Remember, if you have a picture, video or story about your experiences here, send it to us at pr@internexcanada.com and you will have the chance to win prizes!!



INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200 – 211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Web: www.internexcanada.com
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149
Email: pr@internexcanada.com