White Boat Party

On Friday the 20th of June will  be a White Boat Party, which starts at 5:30pm. The price includes the 3hr cruise in Vancouver harbour, DJ, Indoor and Outdoor dance floor and also a free after party. The pre-sale tickets are only $30 but if you buy your tickets at the door their will be $40. We will sell the tickets here in the office till Thursday the 19th of June, please keep in mind that we are only except cash.

The dress code will be “sexy white”, so get your white summer dress/shorts out and get ready for the amazing boat party. You will return to Vancouver at around 09:30pm and afterwards you get free entrance for the after party.


Please keep in mind that you need like always two pieces of ID’s.


Ahoi, Ahoi


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Photo Contest Rockies Spring 2014

This will be the first of an upcoming series of photo contests and what better way to start a photo contest than in the Rockies with a whole bunch of people and beautiful sceneries. You can win some great prizes which will be announced at the After Rockies Party on Saturday April 26, so make sure you shot some nice pictures and submit them before Wednesday April 23 3.00pm.

The contest is divided into five categories and you are allowed to upload up to five photos for every category, however you cannot submit a picture in two or more different categories. The categories are:

–       Best action-adventure: any photograph with people in action during an adventure in the Rockies.
–       Most creative picture: photographs with or whiteout people that is creative in any way.
–       Best black & white picture: any photographs that look better in black and white than in color.
–       Best group picture: photographs with more than 3 people in the pictures
–       Best party picture: photographs taken in during the night at the Rockies

Please keep in mind that there has to be at least one person in the photography – except for the most creative picture, this can be any photography taken during the trip that you find creative, and the group picture needs to have at least 3 people in the picture.

Photographs can be submitted via Dropbox or by wetransfer till Wednesday April 2013 3.00pm.

Using Dropbox:

–       Registration is compulsory
–       Please send us a mail so we can invite you to the folder where you can upload your pictures.
–       Save the pictures with your name, so we know to whom which picture belongs
–       Upload the pictures into the correct folder
–       Of you do not have a Dropbox account yet, but would like to use Dropbox to submit your pictures, send us a mail and we will help you to set up your Dropbox account

Using wetransfer (www.wetransfer.com):

–       No registration is needed for westransfer
–       Make sure your name is stated in the mail and to which category you would like to submit you pictures too
–       Send the files to pr@internexcanada.com

INTERNeX or/and partners can use any submitted pictures as promotion material. Please do not upload your submitted picture to any social media tool. If you do so, your picture will be disqualified from the contest.

We hope you all will submit your best pictures and we will announce the winners on our After Rockies Party on Saturday 26th of April.

Say cheese

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-
Web: http://www.internexcanada.com
Email: pr@internexcanada.com


INTERNeX Highlights of March 2014

We are about to launch our second Highlights of the Month video, be prepared for the best 2 minutes of your day. In the video we will talk about what we did in March and what we are going to do in April.

In March we had five fun activities planned for you. The first weekend in March we went for a two-days trip to Whistler, were we had an amazing time. Everyone could do what they wanted, bungee jumping, zip trekking, snow tubing and of course skiing or boarding. We made dinner together in the hotel and went to town afterwards for a crazy party. On the 14th of March we went to a Giants Game, many went for the first time. It was a great match with some fights, unfortunately the Giants lost 6-5.  On Monday 17th of March it was St. Patricks Day and we went out for green beer and celebrate st. Patricks Day. On Saturday 22nd we went to La Casita for a INTERNeX family dinner. We ordered Mexican food, sangrias and margaritas. Afterwards some of us went to the Cambie. On the last weekend of March we wanted to go to an Ice cream tasting but ended up going for coffee and cheesecake, because the weather was really shitty.

In April we will have our first international dinner at the office were everyone brings some traditional food from there home country. On the second sunday of April we will go to FlyOver Canada for an impressive 4D experience and to learn more about Canada. And than it is finally time for the rockies trip on the easter weekend! We, here at INTERNeX, are so stoked to go up there with you guys! On friday after the rockies we will have a after party to talk about the rockies, see the pictures and to meet up with the candidates which stayed in Vancouver.


We hope you enjoyed our little video and tell us what you would like to do in upcoming months!

INTERNeX International Exchange
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Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
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INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend!

Last Friday night we went to the Whiskey Bar for our Rocky Mountains after Party !! The Whiskey Bar, is a bar located in the heart of Gastown, with a cozy atmosphere, great music and outstanding staff !!

We could watch the video that Westrek made in the Rockies and it was without doubt nice to see how much fun we had over there ! Some of us appear jumping when we said the “unpronounceable” word! We all people who went to Rockies know what I’m talking about !!

While watching the video we took a few drinks and after that we rocked the dance floor.

We had so much fun and the music I have to say was really great !!

We also saw a lot of people we met during the trip and it was amazing because we could dance a little bit and also chat with them !

And during the weekend, we could rest  a little bit. Saturday started with a cloudy sky, but it soon cleared up and the afternoon was perfect for enjoying the beach, or a beautiful day in the mountains.

On Sunday, it rained a little bit the morning, but it also changed and the afternoon was nice to go outside and rest a little bit in a park for example. (I actually missed a little bit the rain in Vancouver..hehehe)

So, what did you do during your weekend?

I wish you an amazing week everybody!



INTERNeX International Exchange
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Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 9N9-
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Email: pr@internexcanada.com

INTERNeX Canada: Rockies After Party & PuB NiGHT

Biggest After Party and PuB NiGHT ever!  It was record time and we broke the Record! We are pround on you, let´s keep on rocking!!!

We had so much fun last night!
As you know we have been to the Rockies during the Easter weekend and had a great time!
Last night was our After Party combined with the PuB NiGHT.


The tour guides prepared a video with all the pictures and videos we took during our trip.
We were able to offer one free Welcome-Drink and no cover charge. Around 100 people came and it was great!!

People were making fun about the past weekend, were glad to see the others again and we danced and laughed a lot.
The Live-Band was awesome and we made it to a legendary night.
Thanks for coming out, you were part of the record and made it happen!

We are sure you had fun and we hope to see you next Wednesday again!
Stay up to the News on Facebook or WordPress to get to know where the next PuB NiGHT next week will be!

Click here to see all the pictures!


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