What to do on the weekend?

All good times somehow come to an end and unfortunately this weekend is going to be my last one. I’ve made so many good friends here with INTERNeX and will miss them a lot when I’ll be back in Germany. But there is a phrase which goes like: We will see us a second time in our lives. And for me, I truly believe in that phrase. Nevertheless, I want to give you a last time some recommendations on what to do on the weekend.

Dunbar Haunted House

Starting with the first one: Fright Nights! =) Since Halloween is around the corner, why not get the spooky season started with a Fright Night at the PNE Playland? You can go to 7 haunted houses and get thrilled all the time. I’ve heard from a friend that there are some guys chasing you, how awesome but terrific at the same time! If you are not scared enough by that you can put up your adrenaline level with some night ride attractions. Be sure to not miss this event since Halloween is only one time in a year and why not experiencing it in another country? 🙂


If you want a more resting or more quiet weekend you can also go to the Capilano River Regional Park exploring the Capilano Cleveland Dam, Capilano Canyon and the Salmon Hatchery. With trails and paths along the river you have lots of opportunities to see beautiful nature. The easiest way to get there is taking the sea bus from Waterfront to Lonsdale Quay and taking the bus to the Park. Besides the fact that you can walk through some of the best nature places in Vancouver, you can also see some fish there by visiting the hatchery. Right now is Salmon Running Season and your chances of seeing them jump is high. You could see the typical salmon with the red and green colour named Sockeye Salmon. For the ones of you who watch Disney movies: It is the same fish that the two bears in “Brother Bear” fish together =). But also if you don’t like watching fish you can walk up a trail and enjoy the view at the Cleveland Dam. I’m sure you’ll find a nice activity to do in the Capilano River Regional Park.

Vancouver Fashion Week 2013

Since Vancouver is also a very high fashion city with lots of trendy shops we can recommend you going to the Vancouver Fashion Week this weekend. Depending on the show you want to see and the brands showing up the tickets can range from 30-150$. It’s a nice experience to see the new trendy clothes presented on a catwalk with the models walking by. I personally think some styles and old looks will be trendy right now and have a rebirth on some models. What is your fashion prediction?

Now caused by the weather of Raincouver this weekend, I have another fun recommendation for you! Why not spending time in the Extreme Air Park in Richmond with an indoor trampoline park? You can have fun jumping around, playing some jumping games or being a ninja warrior. With 42000 square feet room inside their walls, they can offer some awesome jumping areas. You can expect somethings like zero gravity basketball, air zone, foam zone, a half pipe, 3D dodgeball, bounce balls or vertical volleyball. I’m pretty sure you’ll find something fitting for you and your personal jump ability =).

Extreme Air Park

Whatever you are going to decide on, we wish you a nice weekend with everlasting memories and a lot of fun!

See you next week!


Tino =)

Highlights of the Month June 2014

With June beginning it is time to review the month of May and preview June and of course we do this in style… with a video.

We started the month of May with a visit to the extreme air park in Richmond. It was so much fun there if you did not had the chance to join us it is definitely worth going there! On the 9th of May it was time to do some relaxing activity with a visit to the cheesecake etc. Cheesecake etc is famous for their cheesecake and is only open at night. It is a really nice cozy restaurant and the cheesecake is delicious, afterwards we went to the Doolin’s for some drinks. In the mid of May we had our monthly overnight stay in Tofino. We went to Tofino for three days and had such a great time, we went surfing, whale watching, bear watching, kayaking and we had a little campfire near the hotel. After the Tofino it was time to go partying again in Vancouver with a Pub & Club night at The Pint.

In June we will go White Water Rafting in Chilliwack with Lee. In the second weekend we will go for a bike ride around Stanley Park and have nice little rest at one of the beaches. On the 21st of June it is time to support our German soccer team with some drinks and food. We will end the month of June with a Pub & Club night were we also sadly have to see goodbye to Daniela, so make sure you are there! And of course we will have our weekly pub nights on Wednesday’s so keep your eyes out on Facebook.


We hope you enjoyed May and will enjoy June, see you at the activities!

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