Rockies Tour Guide: Optional activities

As you may have already noticed that we have a busy schedule when we are at the Rockies, but there is still time left to do optional activities. We wanted to update you on which optional activities you can choose to do!


All the optional activities are taking place on the second or third day. On the second day we will go to the Columbia Icefields where you can choose to do the Snocoach. The Snowcoach takes you up to the Anthabasca Glacier and gives you the chance to actually walk on the glacier itself. Here you can make beautiful pictures and taste the fresh water of the glacier itself. You can take an empty bottle of water with and fill it at the glacier.

Lake Louise gondola + buffet
Lake Louise WT.jpegThe day after you have the chance to do the two other optional activities. The first one is a bit more relaxing and a perfect activity when you would like to get some rest during this busy schedule. You can take the Lake Louise gondola up and have an amazing view over the Rocky Mountains at the top. The activity includes an all you can eat lunch buffet, so you don’t have to worry about getting any lunch beforehand. You may even see bears on the way to the top!

Emerald Lake canoeing
If you would like to do something more active then you can go canoeing at Emerald Lake. Canoe on the beautiful blue waters of Emerald Lake and forget the world for a second.

The prices for additional activities are about:
Lake Louise Gondola & Buffet – $45
Snocoach Glacier Experience – $65
Snocoach & Lake Louise Gondola & Buffet – $105
Emerald Lake canoeing – $60

To ensure that you can do these activities you have to go to the Westtrek office and book your activity. You can also book the activity on the bus itself, but there is no guarantee that there will be spots available.

Are you getting excited about the Rockies trip? Then come to the office and sing up to make sure that you get to go on this amazing trip!

– Iris

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INTERNeX Canada: Smart Saver Vancouver

Moving to an office located in a mall  can be an advantage for example when you find very nice restaurants and deals. (I know is pretty hard not to buy anything when you love to shop or so), but today I’m gonna tell you about a few interesting things I’ve found in Tinseltown – International Village.

It’s true that we have inside of Tinseltown a lot of cheap places where you can eat a huge variety of food: from Chinese to Mexican, all of them cheap and nice food but there are a few places that I specially recommend.

The first one is for lovers of Asian food: There is a restaurant called “Zen Kenit” in the second floor , where you can get a “all you can eat lunch” for $9.95. (This all you can eat mixes Asian cuisine, for example Chinese, and also Sushi) For the price the quality is really good, so it’s forth it !!

But if you don’t like Asian cuisine, I’ve found  another interesting offer for you. Quite close to the first Asian restaurant that I’ve told you there is a Mexican one called “TacoTime“.

In this nice restaurant every Tuesday the taco costs just $0.99 (You can choose between taco meat, or a veggie one). I’m pretty sure that this deal in unbeatable.

I hope you can try these amazing restaurants, and I wish you a great week!



INTERNeX International Exchange
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INTERNeX Canada: Upcoming events!

A beautiful sunny Monday morning in Vancouver…I can’t wait for the summer! But wait, what’s planned for the upcoming events?

Sushi Dinner Night 

Don’t hate me, but I think sushi in Europe cannot compare to the ones in Vancouver. Seriously, we have the best Japanese cuisine and all-you-can-eat sushi! I know some people might not be a fan of seafood…or anything that tastes fishy. But trust me, it is so delicious. If you’ve never tried them…it’s about time, don’t you think? Try california rolls, dynamite rolls, terriyaki chicken, spicy tofu, spicy tuna, and so much more! After all-you-can-eat sushi, everyone I know including me says they’ll never eat sushi again…of course that’s a lie. It’s so addicting!

When: Saturday April 20th 

Where: TBA

Find out more information here on our Facebook event page!

Richmond Go-Kart!

wow so intense…the guy in the back looks like Mr. Smith from the Matrix O_o

Do you think mother nature will finally give us a break and show some sun? Join us next weekend as you get to drive around the track, racing your friends! Boys…you know you’re gonna love this! And girls, don’t worry…when you win against the guys, just imagine how sweet the victory will be as you laugh at their faces. Prove them wrong that girls CAN drive…better than guys 😉

Where: 6631 Sidaway Road, Richmond

When: Saturday April 27th

Visit here for more information to be updated soon!

If you aren’t interested in these events, don’t worry, there will be plenty more in just a few weeks! Besides, I think it’ll be sunny more often now.



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