How was your weekend?

Monday morning: I’m crawling to the office. No, it’s not because it’s a burden to be here, but rather because of the activities from the weekend that really overstrained my legs.

Well, let’s start with Friday: Thanks to several incidents, I could finish work early. So, happy-me leaving the office at 3pm thought it would be a great idea to do some workouts. Well, not the greatest idea if “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster” aka the Grouse Grind is scheduled for Sunday. But everybody makes mistakes and at least I didn’t think of it during my easy Netflix and chill evening at home.

37245582_1863586617036026_1984390210623897600_nSaturday morning, I woke up with a smile on my face because a beach-day promised a great time. Clever-me put on some sunscreen and headed off to Sunset Beach to meet some of you guys. When I arrived, a few of the Vargas-Gang were already enjoying the sun, playing some beach games and just had some easy and fun conversations. It was a really nice and relaxing day, I definitely enjoyed it. Despite burning my back and neck. 😦 At home I tried to bake some small flatbreads. Yes, “tried”. They turned out to be buns rather than flatbread, but oh well. They’re still edible. 😉

Of course, after Saturday, there is Sunday. This day I woke up quite early to watch the FIFA World Cup final. We met at Malone’s to see France conquer Croatia. It was an exciting match. At 11am it was time to meet at Waterfront for our big hike. I was really happy to see so many of you showing up. So, the 13 of us fought our way up to the summit.

2,830 stairs to take. 853m to gain. 2.9km to leave behind. And we made it! At the Top
It was quite exhausting, but the feeling we had when we arrived at the top was just amazing – not to forget the view, of course! We spend some hours on top of Grouse Mountain, saw some bears, had a good lunch (some schnäcks😂), took amazing pictures and had some fun talks. While waiting for the gondola to take us down, we met Cleo, the resident barn owl from Grouse Mountain. Half an hour plus a Gondola ride later, we all collapsed in the Shuttle-Bus heading to Waterfront Station. It was an exhausting day, but it was totally worth it. Thanks for joining our day trip and I hope to see you all soon!

Don’t forget – we are going to see The Lion King in the OpenAir Cinema at Ceperley Meadow in Stanley Park tomorrow!

See you then!

– Elisabeth

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Review: Queen Elizabeth Park

Last Saturday we visited the Queen Elizabeth Park. We were very lucky with the weather because, after three days with rain, it was sunny again. So we were totally able to enjoy the park.

Since the park is really beautiful and the second most visited after Stanley Park, many people come there to make their wedding pictures.
We saw people playing tennis or golf and the kids were able to flounder about in the water of the fountain.
First of all we went to the highest point in the park and took nice pictures of the amazing view over the city. Later on we just walked through the park and enjoyed the nice gardens with beautiful flowers.

We found a sunny place on one of the many meadows to sit down and talked about everything and nothing. It was really fun and relaxing. The time went by fast as we were talking a lot and after three hours we went home to appease one’s hunger.

It was great to see so many new faces and I’m looking forward to see you at the next Pub Night on Wednesday again.

Click here for more pictures.


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