INTERNeX Canada: Tim Hortons VS Starbucks?

I was just casually looking through the Vancouver Sun today, as one does, and I read something really interesting. Apparently, there are more Starbucks in Vancouver than Tim Hortons! Could this be a battle between Starbucks and Timmy’s (short name for Tim Hortons)?! Dun Dun Dun!  The Vancouver Sun reported that there are more Starbucks in Metro Vancouver! More specifically in Richmond, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Delta and Port Moody! But places like Surrey, Langley and Abbotsford have more Tim Hortons!

I find this very interesting, because Tim Hortons is Canada’s number one place for Coffee and Donuts! It symbolizes Hockey as well as Canadian pride! Even the commercials for Tim Hortons really focuses on creating a brand name that represents Canadians. And let’s not forget the fact that Timmy’s is genuinely Canadian, being named after a Canadian hockey player! Starbucks on the other hand is American. Yet, according to the Vancouver Sun, there are more Starbucks than Tim Hortons, which then might suggest that the majority of Vancouverites prefer Starbucks?

…Okay I’m not going to lie, I actually prefer Starbucks drinks over Tim Hortons. There, I said it.

Whose side are you on -Starbucks or Tim Hortons? Or Neither? Comment Below and tell us! And if you want to read more up on this coffee chain battle, click here!

Hope everyone is having a superfragilisticexpialidocious weekend 😉



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INTERNeX Canada: International Vancouver! American society

American culture transcends barriers. Their films are seen is small towns far away, how we eat is influenced by their fast food. Their brands, the most wanted. Their lifestyle attracts us, but what we know about them? How are the Americans?

American society is composed of a wide variety of ethnic groups and different cultures. One of the national watchword is “E Pluribus Unum” which means “of many, one”, referring to the integration of their states in a single territory, but as well for the diversity of its population.

The character and manners vary from the east coast to the west and north to south, but there are some common aspects in their character.

Since they are kids, they are individualistic, independent and with their own purposes and dreams. For the America society is really important to reach the personal success and at the same time they are really competitive that’s why many of them play instruments or sports since really young.

With Katie, our American PR

They usually realize debates in the school so they grow up being direct, honest and clearly and with no problems of saying what they think in public.

They tend to be punctual and they are very strict about it because they give a vital importance to time and its economization. They firmly believe that “time is money“. So remind it 😉
They are addicted to newness which is becoming a global tendency all over the world as well. Most of its output is designed to be short-lived and quickly be discarded because they associate the change with the progress. Who doesn’t like new clothes, technology and staff?

No matter the color of your skin, your sex or language … after years of slavery and racism time ago, nowadays the equality between the different ethnic groups is a reality.

So now that we know a little more about their character, why don’t we check if it is true in Seattle this Sunday?



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INTERNeX Canada: Smart Saver Vancouver – Black Friday Sales!!

Happy Thanksgiving to our fellow neighbours down South! Like the Canadian Thanksgiving, the Americans also celebrate the season of Harvest by eating turkey and pumpkin pies with family and friends. The only difference is that it is in November instead of October!

This weekend also comes with two of the biggest shopping days in North America: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday (November 23rd), as the title suggests, happens tomorrow where all the stores in the United States have these crazy, ridiculous sales and discounts off their merchandise.

Most sales starts right at midnight tonight so many keen shoppers are already lining up in front of stores right now! I suggest going down to Bellingham or Seattle this weekend to check out the deals or be spontaneous and join this West Trek Black Friday Midnight Shopping Tour that leaves tonight at 8pm!

While these two days of discounts have originated from the United States, many retailers in Vancouver and Canada are now participating to try and compete for customers. This is good news for us living in Vancouver as we don’t have to go all the way down to the States to save money (or I guess spend more money).

These Canadian websites, Red Flags Deals and Flyerland Vancouver, have a comprehensive list of the offers specific to us Canadians!

Cyber Monday (November 26th) is another day great day for us bargain shoppers, but the shopping is only done through online retailers! You don’t even have to leave your home to get great deals and discounts. This Cyber Monday website has all the best deals listed.

From my experience, the best sales are the stores that sell electronics such as Best Buy, Future Shop and even Apple have their rare, once a year sale! If you need a new laptop or iPad, this weekend will be your best bet.

I hope you get some great bargains this weekend! Happy Shopping!



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Video of the week – “smart Americans”

This week we want to show how smart American people can be. I do not want to generalize it for all Americans though. 😉

People were asked general questions. Watch the video and see how funny and stupid the answers can be.

If you know a good or funny movie you want to share with us, send the link with a small description to and it might be the next video of the week.



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Summer Salsa Cruise in Vancouver!

What better way to enjoy an evening than with a night of salsa dancing! Grab a friend and head out for a night on the water! The MV Britannia is located at the foot of Denman off Georgia Street in Coal Harbour, and is Vancouver’s largest 3 level cruising vessel, with a capacity of just under 500, where two levels are inside and the third is just under the stars.

This event offers an exciting taste of Latin American Culture within the beautiful waters of Vancouver, cruising gorgeous False Creek. An outstanding night filled with only the best in music, entertainment and surroundings. Your ticket includes:

  • A sultry mix of Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and Reggaeton and of course some Top 40, R & B and Hip Hop also blended into the night’s music vibe.
  • Take part in the beginner’s Salsa Lesson taught my Vancouver’s best instructors, then sit back and watch the show that follows while later testing your new moves.
  • Dance the night away on either of the 2 levels that are covered and to cool off, venture to the 3rd floor to continue exploring the world of Latin dance.
  • Whether you are taking a class to learn the dance that continues to sweep the world or just want that cruise around Vancouver’s stunning harbour your evening be a memorable one.
Or more information on this event, visit

Cha Cha Cha!
– Laura

The A -Team

I went to see the A-team with a couple of people staying in the Staffhouse at the Scotiabank theatre last Tuesday. It was Tuesday so that meant Telus Movie Combo Deal! For only $11.70 we got the ticket, popcorn and a drink!

As I went around the house to ask people if they wanted to come along, I came to the shocking conclusion that several people in the house never even heard of the A-team.  I couldn’t believe what I heard because in the Netherlands they used to show it on TV all the time.

So for those of you that don’t know, the A-team is an American television series about a group of ex-United States Army Special Forces soldiers who work as Soldiers of fortune (soldiers for hire) while being on the run from the military because of a ‘crime they didn’t commit’. Despite the fact that there are running from the law they are always on the good side and help people in need. The show ran from 1983 until 1986.

The A-team has 4 members:

  • The leader Lieutenant-Colonel John ‘ Hannibal’ Smith, know for his excellent plans, sigars and the phrase: ‘ I Love It When A Plan Comes Together’
  • Lieutenant Templeton ‘Faceman’ Peck, usually called Face is a smooth talking con-man who uses cons to make sure the team has the supplies they need.
  • Captain H.M. ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock, who is the team’s pilot and lives in a mental institution because he is insane.
  • Sergeant First Class Bosco Albert BA ‘Bad Attitude’ Baracus. He is the team’s strong man and mechanic and has a fear of flying. The team usually uses a trick to get him into the plane, such as drugging him, knocking him unconscious etc.

The main cast of The A-Team. Clockwise from top: MurdockB.A. BaracusHannibaland Faceman.

The intro of the TV show combined with the theme song are well know by everyone. If you don’t know it or would like to see it again, here it is

I thought Liam Neeson did an outstanding job portraying Hannibal in this movie, but in my book nobody can top George Peppard’s performance as Hannibal. Hannibal was my favorite character in the series and George was definitely the right man for the job. Same goes for BA, nobody can beat Mr T’s role but Quinton Jackson did a fantastic job with his character BA. And of course there was the ever loving Face, who is still persuading the ladies. In this movie the lady of his choice is Jessica Biel. And let’s not forget Murdock, in this movie it was finally reveled why BA is afraid of flying, and I wouldn’t go in to much details but I has something to do with Murdock being crazy as usual!

I was really looking forward to seeing this movie. I really wanted to know if the movie was as good as the series.  After I have seen the movie, I can honestly say that I really loved the movie. It had a good combination of humor, romance and of course fighting, shooting and blowing things up.  I really recommend everyone to go see this movie! It is so worth it!

– Manouk

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