INTERNeX Canada: Culture Shock!

After a long time with perfect sunshines and temperatures, the clouds came back for a few days in the middle of August to Vancouver ! I should admit that Vancouver has greatly surprised me because I didn´t expect this great summer !

Of course, is not as hot as I would like..Everybody knows in Spain is hotter, but still, I think is a perfect temperature, neither too hot, nor cold ! Warm nice summer !

But what I wanter to share is that the other day I got surprised when talking with a few people from northern european countries told me that this weather is better than home.  At some point, I thought they were kidding or they wanted to make fun of me, so I decided to take a look on the internet, and that´s what I found.

  • Copenhagen, the capital of Denmarkexperiences the highest number of rainy days.It has a maritime climate due to Denmark being almost encircled by water.
  • Amsterdam is the most humid city. The city experiences 214 rainy days a year.
  • The european cities with the higher average of sunlight per day are Lisbon, Madrid and Athens (Also less rainy cities in Europe)

As I could realize, Vancouver with an average of 166 days of rain per year, has almost 100 days less of rain if you compare it with  the 251 days per year of Copenhagen. Now I understand !!

If you compare it with the top 6 of this list I won´t call it Raincouver again !!

And I found this quite interesting because the Spaniards have the perception that Canada is a very cold and rainy country, and they don´t know those places in Europe have more rainy days per year !!

What do you think? Is the weather in Vancouver better, or at your home City?

My conclusion is that Vancouver is a perfect place, not too cold and not too hot. Warm temperatures in summer and enough sun !



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INTERNeX Canada: Highlights of the week

Hello! Would you like to take a look to the most remarkable things that have happened? Here you have our brightest post: Highlights of the week!

Well, maybe the most important thing that happened this week was that I’ve seen my first raccoon!

Not, it’s only a joke. The most important event that happens is that our new PR has arrived. His name is Jelle, a difficult word to pronounce for two wonderful Spanish girls like Mercedes and I. The first day we only could say something like “Yellow” but we are very smart and now everything is OK. Jelle is a 21 years old student from The Netherlands. He lives in Enkhuizen, a small city close to Amsterdam. He studied graphic design but now he’s studying International Tourism Management. Welcome! Welkom!

Other important day in our lives: last Wednesday, we went to The Railway Club, and we had a nice evening drinking and talking about the differences between Germans, Spanish and Dutch people. I’m delighted about that all the Germans say to me that the Spanish language sounds very well!

And Today… Richmond Go-Kart! We are right now going to Richmond to have a lot of fun! So I hope all of you are with us! If not, I recommend you to take a look to our blog frequently because we are working in a lot of amazing surprises!

And that’s all my friends! Have a good weekend!



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INTERNeX Canada: Jelle says ‘’Hallo’’

Hello everybody!

I’m Jelle de Graaf, and I’m one of the new PR interns. I am a Dutch student and I’m living close to Amsterdam in a small town called Enkhuizen. The city of Enkhuizen has an old city centre with many historical buildings to discover.

For the last 7 years I’ve studied in Amsterdam. The first 4 years I did a studie in graphic design, and now I’m studying international tourism management. Because of my study I’d like to travel alot. Discover new places and cultures all around the world. Last year I did a marketing and promotion internship in Kenya and I made a study trip with my university to China.

Some other hobbies of mine are watching or attending soccer games of Ajax Amsterdam, going out with friends, seeing interesting movies and visiting all kind of museums. In other words, I’m an outgoing and open person who likes to meet new people!

I’m very impressed of Vancouver and the views of the surrounding mountains. There is alot to see and to do and I’m sure I will have a great time spending the couple of months with my INTERNeX colleagues, and other Canadian people that I am going to meet! I already found out that Canadians are very kind and helpful people.

This morning I walked through Gastown with all the great restaurants, bars and shops. After that I discovered the waterfront of downtown. Here you have some beautiful views of the busy harbour and the incoming ships.

Within my internship I want to improve my English grammar and enjoy all the new experiences during my stay here in Vancouver!
I’m looking forward to speak to you reallyl soon and please, feel free to chat with me or leave a comment below!



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