Year Review – Part 2

Welcome back.
I hope you had a fantatstic Christmas and so much food, that you aren’t able to walk anymore. Since you can’t move anyways, I guess there is enough time to read the Year Review Part 2!
Our journey reaches spring, so please just picture the warming sunlight on your skin (in case you haven’t forgotten about it already ;)).

April started off with a very lovely event here at the INTERNeX office. And it was so nice, having everyone around in such a familiar atmosphere. We had a Game Night, getting all the dust off all these games stored in our cupboards. As you would have guesses, not everyone is having the same understandings of how certain rules of games work. So it ended up in many discussions and laughter’s. As you might know it from game nights with friends or family – it either brings you closer together or tears you apart forever. GameNight.jpgOkay maybe, I am slightly exaggerating with this one – but you know what I mean. Anyways, this was the perfect shot to get to know each other in a different way, than in any other possible occasion, at least we know now who the bad winners and loosers are 😉 (

Inspired from all these games in the past week, he INTERNeXer decided to go and play a slightly bigger game in the week after. And before you might get a wrong impression – Yes, I am talking about anEscapeRoom.jpg Escape Room Game. As everyone got the chance to into a different character and solve problems for everyone’s sake, once again, the group grew together as a real team. And especially activities as such, point how good a group of people needs to function together, so that they’ll find their way out!

And finally we got to welcome a new member to the PR-Team. megan-03.jpgMegan from Germany joined the group and did an awesome job providing a great time for everyone (

Right away she and a lot of candidates got the great opportunity to take part in one of our best trips throughout the year, the one highlight everyone seems to talk about forever – The trip to the Rockies!

No other trip is to be compared to this one. Rockies3.jpgI don’t know if it’s about the amazing views you get to share, or the joined campfires including the delicious smores or just the overwhelming spirit of the Rocky Mountains, but the group always comes back different, much closer than they were before (

The group of INTERNeXer at this point seemed to be a very active bunch of people anyways. The upcoming weekend events and their participation showed, how much energy our INTERNeX family has. LighhousePark1.jpgThe hike in Lighthouse Park was another highlight, just giving the candidates a great inside about the beauty of the country we all decided on living in (

And since there was a lot of energy left, the INTERNeXer went to the Trampoline Park on the following weekend. And whoever has got energy left after this, just didn’t do it right. And there was truly something to do for everyone, since this is one of the biggest Trampoline Parks around (!

And the following weekend also involved sports, but for a change you didn’t have to participate yourself. We got the great opportunity to watch the White Caps against the Portland Timbers. Especially the European soccer hearts started to beat a lot faster by thinking of this event! Even though we all know what soccer is all about, this was something absolutely different! Soccer2.jpgNot only the whole vibe in the arena, but the entertainment and cheering happening during and in between the game was an experience of a lifetime (

Motivated by the energy of the game, we got out getting active once again. During a bike tour through the famous Stanley Park, everybody got to see beautiful sides of the city of our choice, Vancouver. The beauty of all the pictures taken is one StanleyPark1.jpgthing, but  Megan even managed to use the right words to describe this wonderful experience ( After all – definitely a must do when visiting Vancouver.

And since Canada is just offering so much, the INTERNeXer just had to go out there again and explore nature. This time a very special trip to Joffre Lakes, including the Shannon Falls, was happening. I feel like I could never sum up the experiences that were made and views everyone got to catch, while visiting this stunning place.JoffreeLake1.jpg So just make sure to give the post a look, since there are also pictures included so you will get the chance to see it yourself (

Another must see in Vancouver is definitely the hike up Grouse Mountain. And so it just happened to be another highlight of this year. Pictures may say more, than the words could, so just take a look at what Vancouver actually has to offer (!

After that we didn’t only welcome one new Pr-Coordinator and not two either but three!

Barbara Barbara.jpeg







Franzi Franzi.jpeg






Karina Karina.jpg( completed the PR-Team for the next few weeks. And as these three were an amazing team, we got amazing stuff to see and to do. Big thanks to you girls!






The last weekend of June was perfect to start a trip to Whistler for the INTERNeXer to join. Whistler4.jpgWhistler has just given the perfect chance to escape the big city life for a while. The INTERNeX crew got to do zip-lining, some biking, a beautiful gondola ride and obviously some nice pub crawls in the evening. What a great chance to get to know Canada a bit better (

In the upcoming days, we’ll be moving on to July, August and September. I hope to see you. If you want to see more pictures and a lovely video summarizing all of this. Check out our Instagram profile (internexcanada)!
Till than,


— Nadja xx

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What to do on the weekend?

What to do on the weekend? Ready to for some exploring? I would dare to guess that the answer is yes, so here are some suggestions of what you should do this weekend.

The East Indian Vaisakhi Parade is in town this Saturday. And now you may wonder, “What is that?” Say no more, here are some facts about the event. The Vaisakhi Parade is one of Vancouver’s most interesting festivals, which celebrates the Punjabi New Year. And where is it going to happen? The parade starts from the Ross Street Temple at 8000 Ross Street just off Marine Drive in South Vancouver. The festival lasts approximately from 10 am to 4 pm.10141279593_02bcd4f4ec_o.jpg

So what’s there to see? Besides being Vancouver’s largest single-day festival of any kind and having around 300,000 people attending, you can also find multiple delicious treats all around the parade. And here comes the best part: it’s for free! You may want to try a curry lunch, ice cream, chips, soft drinks and so much more. Here is an event you don’t want to miss.

More information about the parade:

On Sunday it is time to turn our heads towards the Granville Island. You can find Lukas at Westbound W 4th Ave @ Fir St. at 11 am where the trip starts. From there you will go explore the amazing Granville Island which offers a great variety of things to do, such as shopping, arts & culture, food & drinks and of course the Public Market. There you can find fresh and delicious goods of all kind. Granville Island is definitely worth seeing. Hope you will enjoy your day there.

Facebook event for Granville Island:

Seems like it is going to be a weekend full of eating? Well, there is nothing wrong with that ☺ Enjoy!

-Jasmin xx

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Smart Saver Vancouver

Dear ski and snowboard fans, April is just about to start which means that the winter sports season is nearly over… So, take the last chances to grab your skis or your snowboard and hit the slopes. Since a day on the mountain can be quite expensive, here are some tips and tricks to save some money.

cypress week 5

Before you take the gondola up the mountain, it is worth checking the website There is often a broad range of offers for discounted lift tickets, if you buy them in advance. Sometimes, there are even great discounts that include rentals already. Another website that has some good offers is Currently, you can score a deal for rentals on Grouse Mountain, for example.

Mount Seymour is offering a special offer called ‘Carload Wednesday’. You can ski on Wednesday nights for only $99 per car. So, if five people fit in the car, you only pay less than $20 per person for the lift ticket. Hiring a car is not that expensive in Vancouver, so if you gather some people, it can be totally worth it! No panic for those without a driver’s license: you can check out the Facebook group ‘Seymour Mountain Rideshare’ where people are offering rides for a small fee.

If you want to head to Cypress Mountain, which is my personal favourite by the way, you can take a shuttle bus from downtown for only $20 (students) or $22 (adults) for a round trip. The bus takes you directly to the ski resort, very convenient!

A must-do trip for all skiing fans is of course the famous resort Blackcomb in Whistler. Here, it is worth it to buy a lift ticket beforehand online via their website You can save the most if you purchase the tickets more than a week in advance. So, plan ahead and score a good deal!

Last but not least, it is also worth it to check out shops that offer winter sports supply. At the end of the season, many clothes and skiing supplies are on discounted sale now. This is your chance to already get new gear for the next season!

There are many ski and snowboard fans in our INTERNeX crew, so why not team up and go on a day trip together? I hope that you can score some good deals and enjoy the beautiful mountains on your ski or snowboard!

See you at tonight’s PuB NiGHT at Malone’s!

– Kerstin

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-