INTERNeX Canada: Highlights of the week Ep 14

Hallo, Hello, Bonjour, Nee how

This week was an interesting one and we have three kind of highlights to talk about.

On Wednesday, besides our re-introduced QuiZ NiGHT of course, the PR Team went to an event organized by the Greeting Fluency initiative. This is a project, thought of and supported by the former mayor of Vancouver, Sam Sullivan.

Due to Vancouver being such an intercultural city, the project aims at helping people to overcome difficulties in communication with their neighbors. Many people might be shy approaching someone from a foreign culture, because they simply do not know how to do so. And the other way around, someone new to Canada might feel a bit more welcome, if neighbors would be able to greet him or her in the native language. Making them feel a bit more at home.

Besides getting  an idea about the project itself, which is a very interesting approach at how to support integration into Canadian society, we also had the chance to listen to a few very interesting short speeches. It was an imaginary journey through Germany, Asia, Egypt and several Arabian countries. The guest speakers offered everything from fun anecdotes over musical performances to actual small delicious snacks. All of us were able to actually get a feeling for the culture we were introduced to.

The most practical aspect of this event was the introduction of an app for smart phones, downloadable for free,  which offers users the most useful phrases, like for example hello, thank you, and good bye, in a vast amount of different languages. Including a sound sample and a phonetic description for better understanding (the name of this app is ‘Greeting Fluency’). Absolutely practical if you wanted to greet somebody in their native language. Besides, it’s fun to look up different phrases and to try them out aloud.

The PR team and INTERNeX think this is a really nice project worth supporting and that’s why we made it one highlight of this week.

The second highlight is, of course, our overnight trip to Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. Our group has left Vancouver this  morning to take the ferry and all of us are very excited. It will be a great weekend with loads of fun, nice new insights into Canadian landscape and into one of the most beautiful historic towns this part of the country. Fingers crossed for nice weather and good pictures. We will tell you all about it next week.

Last but definitely not least is more of a sad part of this week’s highlight post. For about two months, we had company in the INTERNeX office. Zehra spent her internship together with us, it was kind of an office sharing :-), and now it is time for her to return back home. Zehra, we got to know you as a very easy going person, had a lot of fun and will remember you fondly. All the best for your trip back home and don’t forget us once you’re back in Germany.

Tschüss, Bye, Salut, Zie jee-en


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