INTERNeX Canada: Latin Dinner Night Review

On Friday the 23rd a big group of us gathered together for a delicious Latin meal at a Mexican Restaurant; La Casita, in Gastown. When the first group had arrived a waitress lead us to the downstairs area where they had reserved a big table just for us. I was very impressed with the atmosphere they have created here. Everything is very colorful (the walls, table clothes, chair covers) and we all really enjoyed the fact that they played great Latin tunes in the background. It really made you want to get up and dance!

When we were seated we ordered a round of margaritas to get us started before dinner. The strawberry margaritas are highly recommended! Once every one had arrived (a grand total of 20 INTERNeX members!!) we all placed our food orders. There was so much to choose from! To name a few; chimichangas, flautas, tortillas, tacos and meal came with rice, beans and salad. Even though we had to wait quite a while for every one’s food to arrive, I felt it was definitely worth the wait. Some of us couldn’t even finish our meals because there was so much on one plate!

All in all, it was great to have so many people come together and share a meal together. And for those who haven’t had Mexican food before; it is something I really think you should try!

For more pictures of the Latin Dinner Night please visit our flickr page.

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I hope every one had a lovely weekend; if you would like to share your stories of the weekend then read our ‘How was your weekend’ blog post and leave a comment.



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INTERNeX Canada: Expose of the week

This week’s expose of the week is about our two new IT interns from the Netherlands. Janus and Rick will be working closely with Simon, for the next 4 months, on creating new websites and web designs for INTERNeX. Janus and Rick are both 20 years old and study ICT in Eindhoven. This week I had a bit of a chat with both of them about their experience so far at INTERNeX and of Vancouver.

Why INTERNeX and why in Vancouver?

Janus: I really like Canada, but I don’t speak French so Vancouver seemed like the ideal place to be. I had originally sent out a couple of emails to companies in Vancouver asking them for any openings; one of them was INTERNeX and they were the only ones that sent me a response.

Rick: I’ve always wanted to come to this part of the world and when Janus told me about the option to come work for INTERNeX in Vancouver I was very interested.

How did you find out about INTERNeX?

Janus: I was looking for an internship and I found an email linked to INTERNeX on a website, so I decided to send them an email.

Rick: I heard about it through Janus. The university insisted that Janus take an extra person with him if he wanted to take part in this internship due to safety reasons and he chose to ask me to come along with him.

Are you happy with your choice to work for INTERNeX? Why?

Janus: Yes, very happy. We are working on a very cool project at the moment and it’s a challenge at the same time.

Rick: Yes, I really like the atmosphere here. It’s less formal than I am used to, but it’s a very cool project.

What have you seen in Vancouver already?

Janus: We’ve been sightseeing around Vancouver together and we’ve gone to see Stanley Park and Lighthouse Park. We’ve also seen a lot of Downtown already and the waterfront airport.

What is your first impression of Vancouver?

Janus: My first impression of Vancouver is that it’s a very cool place. I really like Downtown, but once you start to enter the suburbs I’m not as impressed; Downtown is definitely a lot nicer from my perspective.

Rick: The people here are so friendly; the nature is beautiful and abundant, with the beautiful mountains surrounding the city. I really like it.

How did you find a place to stay/are you happy with what you have?

Janus: I found a place to stay on Craigslist. I actually experienced some problems when I arrived because the place I had moved into had a cat and I’m very allergic to cats so I had to find a new place as soon as possible. I found an alternative place through Rick’s landlord and I am very happy with this one.

Rick: I found a place through . Unfortunately I’m not too happy with the place I’m living at right now because there are 7 people living there so it gets very noisy and I have trouble sleeping. It’s also quite expensive. I hope to find a new place to live by the end of the month.

Any upcoming plans, with INTERNeX, for in and around Vancouver?

Janus: No not yet, but I hope to take part in the trips that the PR team organize so that I can see more of Vancouver and the rest of British Columbia. Additionally, Rick and I were thinking of going up Grouse Mountain this weekend.

Rick: I’m hoping to attend the Seattle trip that the PR team are organizing and of course I will be joining Janus on our trip to Grouse Mountain.

Will you be attending the weekly pub nights that the PR team organize?

Janus: I won’t be attending them very often, maybe once or twice.

Rick: I am looking forward to attending another great pub night tonight.

Would you recommend INTERNeX International Exchange?

Janus: Yes, definitely. They are very friendly; they arrange everything for you and help you out a lot if you’re looking for a great experience in either Vancouver, Toronto or Auckland.

Rick: Yes. Pretty much for the same reasons that Janus has mentioned. It’s a very safe way to organize an internship in a new and unfamiliar place; there’s usually not a lot that can go wrong with this method.

Thank you Janus and Rick for your time! The INTERNeX team wish you all the best and hope you enjoy this amazing experience!


The PR Team

INTERNeX International Exchange
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Westcoast Christmas Show

This weekend there will be the Western Canada’s leading Holiday Season Show at Tradex (Trade and Exhibition Centre). Usually I celebrate Christmas with my family in The Netherlands but this year I will be in Canada! So I would like to experience how the Christmas atmosphere is here in Canada. I did a little research and I found a Westcoast Christmas Show! The show that brings together under one roof Holiday décor, gifts, food, personal services, festive seminars and celebrity stage presentations. They have many exhibits with new ideas and products for holiday gift shopping, entertaining and home decorating. With 1 month remaining before Christmas, the Westcoast Christmas Show’s timing is perfect for me (and maybe also for you) to experience the Christmas atmosphere.

Show Times:
Friday 12pm – 8pm
Saturday 10am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 5pm

Adults $10.00 ($8.00 when you buy a ticket online)
GST is included in the price

$5.00 (Pay Upon Exit)

Location :
Tradex – Trade and Exhibiton Centre
190 Cornell Street
BC V2T 6H5 Canada

Contact :
Phone: (604) 850-1533

Maybe we will see each other there,



Goonies under the Stars

Thanks for everyone that came out the the Outdoor Movie last night! It was a lot of fun!

I had never seen the movie The Goonies before so for me it was extra special. But even though most of the other people had seen the movie before it was nice to watch it again. The atmosphere at the field was very nice, people were clapping and cheering along with the movie.

The movie started at 10 pm and by that time the sun had gone under, along with the heat! Some of us were not really prepared for the cold and had flip-flops and shorts on. Luckily we also brought some blankets and we could warm ourselves up!

Missed out on the movie yesterday? Not to worry! FreshAir Cinema hosts a outdoor movie in Stanley Park every week. Next Thursday, July 22, they will show the movie Monsters VS Aliens! Be sure to be there long before 9 pm as it is a popular event and the good spots are taking very quickly! Also be sure to bring some hot chocolade, coffee or tea and some blankets!

– Manouk

My birthday dinner

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was my birthday and I decided to celebrate by going out for dinner. Laura and me met up with a couple of people that i met here in Vancouver. We met them through other INTERNeX events and we have been hanging out ever since.

I really wanted a find nice restaurant that had something to eat for everyone. So I looked, and looked, and looked some more but it was worth it because the restaurant we went to was amazing.  When we were walking to the restaurant my first impression was not a good one. The restaurant’s name, which was Kingston Taphouse & Grill, was spelled out in neon lettering. But I learnt that you shouldn’t judge a book, or restaurant for that matter, on it’s cover. As soon as we walked in the restaurant, I loved it. It was very quiet, has a lot of atmosphere and is so charming.

The waitress later told us that it is usually busy during hockey season and that is it slow when there are not playing. We were with 7 people and when it is busy in a restaurant you can’t really hear everyone, but because it was a slow day we could all talk together.

The food was excellent. I had a steak and it was prepared perfectly. The others had burgers (which looked so good!!), pizza, (this also look jummy) and Laura had kung poa chicken. She asked if it could be nice and spicy and that what she got (maby a bit to spicy!). And even though I was absolutely stuffed and couldn’t possibly eat anything else, I had to have a birthday cake. So I ordered a cheesecake, with a candle. I was very good but I had to have help from everyone to eat it. I had my very first strawberry daiquiri. I am a non-alcoholic drinker (yes I know, weird!) and I was surprised that I liked it.

The waitress was very friendly and the service was good. If you are looking for a nice place to go out for dinner I really recommend this place.

For more information see their website

After dinner I said goodbye to everyone and went with another friend to the Chinese markets on Keefer street, downtown Vancouver.  It was a very small market but it was very nice, there was lots of food stalls, cellphone stalls and there was even a live band. It consisted of two people singing a song of which they probability did not know the text as they were reading it as they went. They could also use a singing lesson or two because it was not very good. But it was very funny to watch.

I had a great birthday, thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated with me.

– Manouk

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