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The other morning when I arrived at the office was so funny when my workmate Mayuco asked me: have you heard about the fresco restauration in a church of Spain?

What? No I haven´t heard anything! That´s true that when I am living abroad I used to disconnect of everything!

Here is the thing:  An old woman wanted to help to restore the old and high value fresco of the church of her village but she was just an amateur painter, so the poor woman tried but the result was kind of surprising. Jesus Christ doesn´t look like Jesus Christ anymore… he looks like a monkey, a grizzly bear or some stranger super funny animal but not a religious figure, not at all!

But a naive mistake turned into an international boom!  Vancouver is so far away for Spain and it appears here  in the newspapers and in the newscast so I can´t  imagine the revolution in Spain.

Now there is a lot of merchandising around this topic: t-shirts, cup, hats and with a lot of  differnt versions!

I am pretty sure that the problem was that the woman was trying to restore the fresco but looking the wrong picture!

She was so sad for the final result! It wasn´t her intention! But what she has done it´s the best advertising ever for the tourism of her village! So yes probably the village has lost an old fresco but they will win a lot of new visitors just to see the new attraction!

What about you? Do you know some funnies errors that make some place famous for that?

Share with us! We would love to hear that kind of stories!

Have a nice day!



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INTERNeX Canada: Fun Facts / News

In Houston this year, like in Vancouver last year, INTERNeX will be present at the NAFSA Conference.  Our president, Timothy Wells, will be there to share our company experiences and perspectives on the future. Be sure to find him to exchange strategies and gain knowledge. At this NAFSA 2012 ANNUAL CONFERENCE & EXPO everybody gets the opportunity to meet each other in their particular field and exchanges knowledge, skills, and ideas that they might need in their organization. So move forward and engage effectively with your colleagues from around the world.

Click on here for more information about the conference.



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Behind the scenes of our NAFSA Reception – INTERNeX Class of 2011

The INTERNeX Networking Reception in Vancouver comes closer and closer. This incredible reception will already take place next Wednesday, June 1st!
The whole INTERNeX team, but especially their 4 interns have been working very hard to organize one of the best receptions for a long time. Therefore you should not miss it!
To get to know the INTERNeX interns better and to also recognize them at the INTERNeX Networking Reception, they and their field of work regarding NAFSA and the INTERNeX networking reception will be presented.

Elvera will be the host on the event night. She is also in charge of the coordination during the event.

Franziska was designing the promotional material, flyers and tickets for the INTERNeX reception. She will be the photographer for the online yearbook, next Wednesday.

Claudia is and will be our Public Relations coordinator at the NAFSA conference as well as the evening of June 1st.

George was in charge of the whole sponsorship process. Thanks again to all companies which are sponsoring the INTERNeX Networking reception 2011. Without these companies, this great evening could not be taking place.
George will be the show master and game host on June first. Do not forget that you will have the chance to win great prizes that night worth more than 2000 dollars.

In case you are not registered yet for the marvelous INTERNeX Networking Reception – INTERNeX Class of 2011, visit our INTERNeX event page and register now!

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Volunteer at a great international event!

Volunteering is an excellent way to participate in an event. INTERNeX is organizing a Networking Reception on the occasion of the Annual NAFSA Conference that’s taking place in Vancouver this year from the 29th of May until the 3rd of June.

INTERNeX is looking for motivated volunteers to help us with our event the 1st of June 2011 at the Blarney Stone, Gastown. Tasks will be helping out with fun activities, with the photo booth, decorating the venue and more excited things.

In return of the volunteering we give away free t-shirts, tickets to the Museum of Anthropology or the Maritime Museum as well as the opportunity to attend the event and meet a lot of international people (great networking opportunity!). It will be an amazing fun evening and you can be a part of it!

If you are interested, send an email to Include your name, contact details and a little introduction of yourself and why you would like to volunteer. We would also like to know which times you are available. We will need volunteers from 2 pm until 2 am.

Hope to see you the 1st of June!


Your PR-team

INTERNeX International Exchange
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INTERNeX Class of 2011 – FAQ’s

Following Twitter attentively, we figured out that some of our (potential) guests would like to know more about the most important facts about Vancouver: Food, Activities, Transportation and Wi-Fi!

Here is a list of our suggestions to you so your stay in Vancouver will be unforgettable!

Where to eat in Vancouver?

Following Twitter, we discovered that some people would like to know more about good restaurants where they can eat during their stay in Vancouver. Due to the fact that the INTERNeX office has been located in the heart of the city for more than 10 years, we are experts in delicious and affordable dining!

  • The Blarney Stone: A mix of authentic Irish food and dishes with a modern and international flare.
  • The old Spaghetti Factory: Great and fresh Italian food for a reasonable price.
  • Taiko on Denman: Traditional Japanese fine-dining at its best with a great all-you-can-eat offer! Super fresh!
  • Cloud 9 Revolving Restaurant: A must do! Delicious food combined with a 360 Degree stunning view over Vancouver! Great prices with many discounts.
  • The Lamplighter: Located in the heart of Gastown with great typical Canadian food at a reasonable price.
  • The Black Frog: From hearty classics to healthier West Coast fare, one of those rare places where “pub food” and “good food” mean the same thing.

What to do in Vancouver?

Whenever you have free time, you should definitely visit the following attractions in Vancouver, in order to make your stay in the city as memorable as possible. Remember, it is the most liveable city in the world! Not without a reason…

How to get around?

As probably most of our guests will be in Vancouver for the first time, we want to make sure that you don’t get lost!

  • For schedules and maps of public transportation, just check Vancouver’s Translink website.
  • You want to know how much a ticket cost? Find more information here.

How to stay on call?

Even when you are abroad you need to stay contactable for everyone, right? But how much does it cost to keep in touch with each other when you are abroad? Rates can be pretty high…

Here is some information for our German guests.

Prices may vary depending on the provider and the country you are from.

Nevertheless, in world where the Internet is communication tool #1 it is so easy in Vancouver to check your mails, even if you don’t have a Canadian data plan for your cell phone. In almost every coffee shop and other public buildings you can access free Wi-Fi Internet! So you can check your mails, send photos from your trip to your loved ones, or keep yourself updated about the latest updates on the INTERNeX Class of 2011!

Even better: You will have free-wifi during the INTERNeX Class of 2011 Event at the Blarney Stone!

If you didn’t register for the event yet, catch up and sign up today to be part of a night full of fun and networking opportunities!



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