INTERNeX Canada: Hannes says Tschüss

World, the time has come to push the button! 

It´s the end of my internship here in Vancouver at INTERNeX!

I will go back to Germany next week after 8 months in Canada. It´s unbelievable how fast time went by. My first day in Vancouver feels like yesterday.

I had so much fun with you, here at the office and I didn’t regret even one second of my stay here in Canada!

Ahead of everyone else, the INTERNeX-Team.
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to do my internship here.

I learned a loooooot, met amazing people and it was always fun with you!

Tim, Simon, Mayuko, Martina and Mina: Thank you so much for everything!


Of course also all of the INTERNeX Interns: You guys are great, enjoy the rest of your stay and I will check your Blog-Posts if they are okay or not 😉

Also a big thank you to the Staffhouse-Crew, you made my stay special !!!

Of course every single person I met here in Vancouver.
Thanks for leaving an imprint on my stay in Canada, I will miss all of you!!!

I had the time of my life with all of you and I wish all of you the best for your future and that your plans will come true!

Now it´s time to say good-bye, ciao, servus, cheers, hej-hej, adios, salut, doei, morn, 再见, ばいばい, 안녕 and Tschüss !!!

Take care guys, I will miss you!