INTERNeX Canada: Smart Saver Vancouver

Most of you know Vancouver is an expensive city…And for that reason we search for the best places to get deals or cheaper prices in town !! This makes your stay a little bit more comfortable and affordable!

Another week, and today is time to give a tip for  those who don’t have too much time to prepare breakfast because they just simply prefer to sleep more (that´s me for sure) or they don’t want to spend too much money or time preparing it !!

Today I bring you the solution for your breakfast, there are 2 nice deals in Seven Eleven!!

  1. The first offer is a Combo Breakfast from $2,99 !! It consists in an English muffin, croissant or biscuit with eggs, cheese and our choice of bacon, sausage or ham + a coffee.
  2. The second choice for those who just simply prefer a lighter and fat-free breakfast, there is a combo of Small Coffee + Banana for just $2 !! (the regular price for the single small coffee is $1, 75 and the banana $0,99). If you want, you can upsize the coffee and get the same combo savings !

I hope you enjoy these temporary deals guys. Clara and I always go for our coffee and banana to our closest 7/11 !!  If not, you can always try the amazing donuts they have !!



International Village
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 9N9-

Café Crêpe

I think I’m in love. With crêpes. This weekend, I went for another stroll down Robson Street, however I didn’t get very far. The sweet, sweet aroma of chocolate drizzle, strawberry and nutella made me stop dead in my tracks. Could it be? Love at first bite…

I had always seen the red lights that hovered above this little restaurant on Robson street, but had never stopped to order anything. Usually I eat lunch before heading out for some shopping, but on Saturday all I could think about was food! As soon as the smell of melting chocolate and fresh cut strawberries reached my nostrils, I was running towards the express window at Café Crêpe.

Importing the tradition of the classic European café to North America, Café Crêpe specializes in Parisian sweet & savoury crêpes. There are so many different types of crêpes to try at this hub, it can drive a hungry person mad! In addition to crêpes, they also specialize in french baguette sandwiches, and grilled Italian panini.  As an international café, Café Crêpe also offers world classics like half-pound certified Angus burgers, pommes frites (french fries),thin crust pizza, and a full traditional breakfast menu that includes Eggs Benedict and an exciting variety of omelettes, among other specialties. In addition to serving exceptional Italian roasted coffee, Café Crêpe is fully licensed, offering a vast selection of alcoholic beverages and cocktails, along with select beers and wines.

Everyone NEEDS to try something from this restaurant. Although a little pricey (depending on what you order), you will not be let down! I still dream about this crêpe.

Enjoy your eats!

– Laura